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Notre Dame boosting college football ticket market, IU dragging it down

July 30, 2014
When it comes to getting into college football games, not many places are more expensive than Notre Dame. IU meanwhile depresses ticket prices on the secondary market more than any school in the Big Ten except one.

Move east angers Big Ten fans, could rob Indy of millions

May 7, 2014
The Big Ten's push east could rob Indianapolis of two events that carry visitor spending of a combined $30 million each time they're held here.

IU supporters making it tough for Crean to succeed

March 19, 2014
Any decent coach knows one of the keys to winning is playing to your strengths. But IU supporters are hampering Tom Crean from doing that.

Glass stands as shatter-proof barrier between Crean and angry IU fans

February 19, 2014
IU Athletic Director Fred Glass has more power in Bloomington than most people realize. As long as Glass supports Tom Crean, the basketball coach's job is safe.

Crean still struggling to gain acceptance at IU

January 23, 2014
The memory of Bob Knight shouldn't be wiped away. He’s done far too much for IU and this state for that. But the endless comparisons of Knight to the man currently coaching the men’s team in Bloomington must stop. It’s destructive.

Notre Dame No. 2 in ranking of football riches, IU tops Purdue

January 9, 2014
Florida State may be the BCS national champion, but when it comes to cash flow and valuation, the Seminoles can’t touch Texas and Notre Dame.

Despite departure of stars, IU ticket demand still sky high

December 2, 2013
IU is the only program in the top five in terms of ticket prices on the secondary market that is not ranked in the top 20 in either the AP or USA Today poll.

Glass: Wilson mirroring Crean's path to success at IU

November 13, 2013
Despite a slight attendance decrease through seven home games this year, IU Athletic Director Fred Glass says the football program is headed in the right direction. He sees no reason why IU can't someday sell out Memorial Stadium for every game.

Clock ticking on Natatorium decision, Olympic trial hangs in balance

November 6, 2013
Indiana University officials may need to unveil a plan to upgrade and operate the IUPUI Natatorium by Dec. 10 if Indianapolis is going to have a shot to host an Olympic trial in 2016.

Pacers season opener scores monster TV rating

October 30, 2013
Tuesday's home game against Orlando Magic delivered the team's highest rating on Fox Sports Indiana in eight years.

IU rolling out capital campaign to improve Assembly Hall

August 27, 2013
Indiana University Athletic Director Fred Glass said Monday that he wouldn't replace Assembly Hall if he could do it "for free." IU officials plan to launch a capital campaign later this year to improve the 42-year-old venue.

Former Star sports reporter denies he's headed to ESPN to cover Pacers

July 25, 2013
The departure of former Indiana University beat writer Terry Hutchens earlier this month and Indiana Pacers beat writer Mike Wells last week comes on the heels of a major reorganization of the state’s largest daily newspaper’s sports department.

It's time for IU's excuse-making to stop

July 11, 2013
Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean has pulled the Hoosiers back from the brink faster than anyone thought he would or could. But now that he has, he and his staff can't answer questions about every stumble by pointing to ghosts of IU's past.

IU's Crean praised, criticized following NBA draft

July 1, 2013
Having two players selected in the top four of last week's NBA draft will only bolster IU Coach Tom Crean's recruiting efforts. But some IU alums are asking how a team with two such players got knocked out of the Sweet Sixteen.

Indianapolis Star sports department getting major overhaul

June 27, 2013
The Star sports department is undergoing a major shakeup, including reassignments for some of the paper’s most tenured beat writers—covering the Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Colts, IU and Butler.

Ex-Colt Saturday hires Knight's agent to go after TV gig

June 27, 2013
Retired Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday is positioning himself for a national broadcasting job, and he's turning to one of the most high-powered agents to get an edge.

Is Victor Oladipo an NBA superstar or safety net?

June 25, 2013
A polling of NBA general managers shows that IU product Victor Oladipo is their favorite player in this year's draft. But will that be enough to make him the overall No. 1 pick?

Wilkerson wants 1976 IU team remembered for more than winning games

May 29, 2013
The death of his brother and a message from God inspired former IU basketball star Bobby Wilkerson to start a venture commemorating the last undefeated men's NCAA Division I basketball team.

IU, Purdue sign strange chicken sponsorship deals

May 23, 2013
IU and Purdue sports fans next season will get bombarded with marketing messages from Zaxby’s. The deal is a bit odd given there are no Zaxby's anywhere near West Lafayette, Bloomington or Indianapolis.

Indians' Schumacher, former IU football coach join elite group

April 11, 2013
Indians Chairman Max Schumacher is the first baseball representative and Bill Mallory becomes the second IU football coach to win the Thomas A. Brady Lifetime Achievement Award. Colts Coach Chuck Pagano is headlining the ceremony.

The sooner Oladipo bolts Bloomington, the better for IU

April 10, 2013
Victor Oladipo, more than any player over the last decade and certainly during Crean’s tenure in Bloomington, is the guy who could return IU to national prominence—more than he already has—and make Crean a rock star with recruits—more than he already is.

IU's Crean classless, misguided in postgame confrontation

March 11, 2013
IU basketball coach Tom Crean has become beloved by Hoosiers supporters for winning with class. After Sunday's victory he departed that path, let his emotion get the best of him and did a disservice to his current players.

IU's Assembly Hall could get new name if price is right

February 27, 2013
Naming rights deal for 42-year-old IU basketball venue could score the school $2 million a year, sports marketers said. IU Athletics Director Fred Glass says re-naming the facility is not out of the question.

Who is Indiana's best college hoops coach? There are two answers

February 6, 2013
When it comes to Xs and Os, Butler's Brad Stevens is the man. If you want a consummate hardwood CEO, it's IU's Tom Crean, hands down.

Big Ten basketball coaches pay hikes show no signs of slowing

January 30, 2013
Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean got a $640,000 raise at the start of this season. Why did Crean get such a raise and who's due to get a huge raise following this Big Ten season? Read on to find out.

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  1. The Walgreens did not get a lot of traffic. It was not located on the corner of the intersection, and not really visible from Emerson. Meanwhile the CVS there is huge and right on the corner. I am guessing a lot of people drove by a million times and never knew the Walgreens was there. Although, with the new Walmart market going in, that area could really see a lot of increase in traffic soon.

  2. You folks don't have a clue. There is a legal way to enter this country and to get aid. This left unchecked could run us to ruin quickly. I also heard that 'supporters' were getting major $$ to take them in? Who's monitoring this and guess who pays the bill? I support charitable organizations... but this is NOT the way to do it!

  3. Apparently at some time before alcohol has been served at the fair. The problem is that beer or wine used to be a common drink for people before soft drinks and was not thought to be that unusual. Since many folks now only drink to see how much they can drink or what kind of condition they can end up in it becomes more problematic. Go to Europe and its no big deal just as if you had sodas of milk to drink everyday. Its using common sense that is lacking now days.

  4. To address the epic failure of attracting race fans to both the Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 would take too much of my time to write. Bottom line Boles is clueless and obviously totally out of touch with the real paying fan base. I see nothing but death spin coming for the Brickyard, just like Indy. Get somebody in a place of power that understands what race fans want.

  5. I am a race fan through & through. It doesn't matter if it's Indy cars or Nascar. I love a great race. I go to several other tracks each year and you can see the entire track. I know Indy has tradition, but fans want to see the entire race. I sit in the Penthouse, am almost 60 years old, and would like to see a better TV screen in turn 1 so you can see the entire race. Then I think Indy needs to install an escalator so us old folks can make it up to the Penthouse and down again if we want more options to purchase food and drinks. Just a race fans opinion. Lights won't make the race any better, but you might be able to see the TV better at night. Turn 1's screen needs replaced with a better and bigger screen.