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Eli Manning: Peyton has bad delivery, donned Aints bag

February 5, 2010
Eli Manning and Jim Mora are telling tales out of school about the Indianapolis Colts' MVP.

Irsay's promise makes life tough for Polian

February 4, 2010
Colts owner Jim Irsay's promise to Peyton Manning this week puts team president Bill Polian in a difficult, some may say impossible, position.

Owners meeting in Miami critical for 2012 Super Bowl

February 3, 2010
There are some ominous signs that the 2011 NFL season and 2012 Super Bowl are in serious jeopardy. So when are Mayor Greg Ballard and host committee leaders going to start asking pointed questions of league chiefs?

NFL sacks idea of moving Super Bowl to Saturday

January 29, 2010
Lots of fans love the idea, but moving the Super Bowl to Saturday night is a concept the NFL hates because it would cost the league and its sponsors tens of millions of dollars.

Manning is to LL Cool J as Brees is to Doogie Howser

January 27, 2010
In the minds of American consumers, Indianapolis Colts' Peyton Manning and New Orleans Saints Drew Brees' align with some intriguing public figures.

Colts fans want a little pay back

January 25, 2010
Indianapolis Colts have a rare opportunity to bond with their fans by showing them success doesn't mean they'll be taken for granted. Fans want answers about Super Bowl ticket disbursement.

CBS, Super Bowl advertisers may be rooting against Colts

January 22, 2010
From a TV ratings standpoint, a Minnesota Viking-N.Y. Jets Super Bowl match-up could be the biggest winner for CBS and Super Bowl advertisers paying $3 million for a 30-second spot.

Peyton Manning's childhood home included on N.O. tour

January 21, 2010
Historic Landmarks Foundation is including a trip to Archie and Olivia Manning's home during tour of New Orleans in March.

Colts defense worthy of an endorsement deal

January 18, 2010
They're small, but they're fast. They pack a punch and have proven more than reliable. When will someone wise up and give the Colts defense an endoresement deal?

Colts fans can help fight bad home field trend

January 16, 2010
Lucas Oil Stadium may be too soft to provide much of a home field advantage for Colts during playoffs. But rowdy fans can give LOS a harder edge for visiting Ravens.

Colts fans howling over bar manager's barbs

January 15, 2010
Colts fans threatening boycott after Howl at the Moon manager invites Ravens fans to come party in Indianapolis. Blue Crew thinks invite was laced with insults to Indy.

Colts' Jackson takes swipe at McGwire, defends Manning

January 13, 2010
Indianapolis Colts' Marlin Jackson said beef jerky and dark chocolate trumps steroids for recovering from an injury. He also left little doubt that he thinks Peyton Manning is the best ever.

How much more valuable could Peyton Manning be?!

January 11, 2010
A second Super Bowl ring or no, there's no Mount Rushmore of NFL quarterbacks. There's Peyton Manning on one level. Then there's everybody else.

Colts emerge victorious in must-lose game

January 4, 2010
It's rare for an NFL team to face a must-lose game. But that's exactly what the Indianapolis Colts faced in Buffalo. Now, the pressure is back on like never before.

Colts season already leaving questions to ponder

December 31, 2009
There's no shortage of conspiracy theories when it comes to the Indianapolis Colts' decision not to pursue an undefeated season. The story will eventually spin out of the control of team management.

Lamey: Colts' Bill Polian stood in, took the hits

December 30, 2009
Despite confusion over Bill Polian's radio show Monday, host Bob Lamey said the Indianapolis Colts' president stood up and answered every question until the show ended.

Colts' Bill Polian gets earful from fans during radio show

December 29, 2009
After a stream of angry callers go off on Colts President Bill Polian, the plug is pulled 10 minutes early on his weekly radio show on WLHK-FM 97.1.

Colts lose future fan loyalty along with Jets game

December 28, 2009
The Colts lost a lot more than a game to the Jets Sunday. They lost millions in revenue, and more importantly, they lost a reserve of team loyalty that could carry them through lean times.

Local fans, national media rip Colts' lack of courage

December 27, 2009
Peyton Manning again plays part of good soldier in latest game. But did loss to Jets show cowardly side of team's coach and management?

Danica, Earnhardt Jr. to pair in ad campaigns

December 22, 2009
Danica Patrick's representatives at IMG are looking to pair her in ad campaigns with Dale Earnhardt Jr., and possibly Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

Bob Knight skewers UK, Peyton Manning stays smart

December 18, 2009
Former IU hoops coach Bob Knight and Colts quarterback Peyton Manning are making national headlines this morning for different reasons. Whatever you think about the duo, you can't fault them for staying true to their brands.

Jim Irsay feeling pressure to go for perfect Colts season

December 17, 2009
Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning could earn huge financial rewards if the Indianapolis Colts complete a perfect season. NFL brass putting pressure on team to try.

Indianapolis Colts, the team L.A. didn't want

December 14, 2009
In some strange way, Indianapolis may have Raiders owner Al Davis to thank for having the winningest team this decade. Some people still ask why L.A. didn't lasso the Colts when it had the chance.

Is Gary Brackett a ring away from commercial stardom?

December 7, 2009
Indianapolis Colts' linebacker Gary Brackett has what it takes to be the next NFL defender to hit commerical pay dirt. A Super Bowl victory could put him over the top.

Dungy says Weis could be good fit for Colts

December 4, 2009
Former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy says recently fired Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis could be a good fit with his former team. If Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore retires, speculation bound to heat up.

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