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Downtown restaurant buzz

May 8, 2008
Lots of excitement lately for downtown's restaurant scene: Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chão opens tonight in The Broadbent Building. And if last night's preview dinner was any indication, this place should do well. You...

Update: Monon Place tabled

May 7, 2008
Developers proposing a $15-million Broad Ripple project won a continuance today despite objections from remonstrators who pulled their children out of school to attend the hearing. Buckingham Cos. is...

Ripple redevelopment, take two

May 1, 2008
A local firm has a new plan for redeveloping a 14-acre site in Broad Ripple. The $15-million Monon Place project calls for 150 new apartments, a clubhouse and pool...

Roundup: Bowling alley closing

April 22, 2008
Sport Bowl calling it quitsThe owners of Sport Bowl, a south-side institution for 67 years, plan to close in about a week. The 32-lane bowling alley has struggled since locally based Royal Pin...

The year flew by

April 16, 2008
Property Lines turns one this week. We've reached 300 posts and more than 5,500 comments thanks to the participation and support of a loyal group of readers. Thank you.To mark the occasion, let's...

More layoffs for developers

April 9, 2008
News from the city's development industry has been grim lately. Duke Realty Corp. joined the layoff parade this week, dropping 45 employees (including 20 locally). In January, Lauth laid off 80 employees,...

A vote for sidewalks

March 27, 2008
The city next week will consider an ordinance making sidewalks a requirement for any new project in Marion County. When the ordinance was initially heard last October, officials from several...

Pizza chain growing & more

March 25, 2008
Monical's Pizza plans to open new restaurants in Carmel, Fishers and Indianapolis later this year. The Illinois-based chain, known for its thin-crust pies, already has six stores in Indiana: in Avon, Lafayette,...

Friday open thread

March 21, 2008
Besides college basketball, what's on your mind today? A starting point: What do you think of Simon Property Group's venture into the condo business with a 47-story tower atop a Nieman Marcus in Boston? (A spokeswoman for the tower's designer,...

'Major downturn' for construction

March 19, 2008
Wondering why development news seems to have ground to a halt? The nation's housing and economic woes are hitting development firms and slowing the demand for construction. The American Institute of Architects...

Sinks, brownfields and insurance

March 17, 2008
Getting you up to date: Airport sinks approved The Indianapolis Airport Authority board has approved an obscure bid package known as "T-31" that provides for the installation of floor-level foot sinks for...

Mall getting go-karts and golf

March 14, 2008
The new owners of Lafayette Square Mall are plotting a $12-million redevelopment that would add a go-kart track and PC gaming area to the former Lazarus. New York-based...

Outlook grim for Venu

March 13, 2008
Plenty of people are holding out hope that Premier Properties USA Inc. can pull off its ambitious, $750-million Venu project at the southwest corner of 86th Street and Keystone...

Fabric, French food and fillings

February 27, 2008
Today's collection of retail and restaurant nuggets are brought to you by the letter F. Eastside institution closing Circle Fabric, a staple at 30th Street and Shadeland Avenue for more...

Is mall's sign a billboard?

February 20, 2008
The city waived several zoning requirements in allowing Simon Property Group to install a giant electronic sign at the entrance to Castleton Square Mall. The electronic portion of...

Latest real estate headlines

February 19, 2008
It's a busy week for real estate news. Here are a few headlines: Circuit City closes Clay Terrace store Carmel's high-end lifestyle center Clay Terrace has an empty big box. Virginia-based Circuit...

Preston's Rocks no more

February 18, 2008
Wondering what happened to all those Preston's Rocks commercials and billboards? After three years in business, local jeweler Reis-Nichols has given up on the spinoff, all-diamond concept. The store, in...

Former Colt behind condo project

February 15, 2008
The developers of a new condo project just east of I-65/70 are hoping to capitalize on stunning skyline views and an upcoming reconfiguration of the Ohio Street Interstate ramp. The project, dubbed CityView,...

Lockerbie mansion 'off the hook'

February 14, 2008
Locally based Sparks Restorations has spent more than $1.5 million to buy and renovate an Italianate mansion in Lockerbie that was built in 1876. The mansion is now two giant...

Tiny town getting huge project

February 13, 2008
Locally based Mann Properties and Illinois-based Opus North are putting together plans for 1.5 million square feet of industrial and office space along Interstate 69 in Madison County. The 140-acre development, in...

Trustee eyes $9M development

February 12, 2008
Plans are taking shape for a $9-million, four-story building that would replace a one-story, township-owned structure at 875 Mass Ave. Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer plans to lease the property to Riley Area...

Four score and a canal conundrum

February 11, 2008
A community group is calling on state and local government officials to preserve a one-acre lot along the Central Canal as Lincoln Park in honor of the former president. The narrow strip...

A smorgasbord of topics

February 8, 2008
Workers are installing Flagstar Bank signs on the One North Penn building this week, including a sign atop the 13-story building. What do you think of the sign and...

Retail roundup features new arrivals

February 7, 2008
Not all news is bad for retail. A few stores are planning their first Indianapolis locations, while others are expanding. By popular demand, here's the Around Town Retail Roundup: Zumiez, an action-sports retailer, has...

New developments coming soon

February 6, 2008
Seen one of these signs? There are plenty around town. Here are a few notable projects slated for Metropolitan Development Commission hearings: Locally based Herman & Kittle Properties Inc. is proposing...

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  1. With Pence running the ship good luck with a new government building on the site. He does everything on the cheap except unnecessary roads line a new beltway( like we need that). Things like state of the art office buildings and light rail will never be seen as an asset to these types. They don't get that these are the things that help a city prosper.

  2. Does the $100,000,000,000 include salaries for members of Congress?

  3. "But that doesn't change how the piece plays to most of the people who will see it." If it stands out so little during the day as you seem to suggest maybe most of the people who actually see it will be those present when it is dark enough to experience its full effects.

  4. That's the mentality of most retail marketers. In this case Leo was asked to build the brand. HHG then had a bad sales quarter and rather than stay the course, now want to go back to the schlock that Zimmerman provides (at a considerable cut in price.) And while HHG salesmen are, by far, the pushiest salesmen I have ever experienced, I believe they are NOT paid on commission. But that doesn't mean they aren't trained to be aggressive.

  5. The reason HHG's sales team hits you from the moment you walk through the door is the same reason car salesmen do the same thing: Commission. HHG's folks are paid by commission they and need to hit sales targets or get cut, while BB does not. The sales figures are aggressive, so turnover rate is high. Electronics are the largest commission earners along with non-needed warranties, service plans etc, known in the industry as 'cheese'. The wholesale base price is listed on the cryptic price tag in the string of numbers near the bar code. Know how to decipher it and you get things at cost, with little to no commission to the sales persons. Whether or not this is fair, is more of a moral question than a financial one.