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IBJ Movie Night: The Boys are Back

September 30, 2009
Want tickets to a sneak preview of Clive Owen's latest?

Thoughts on the 'Fame' remake

September 24, 2009
Surprise: Hard work doesn't always pay off in the arts.

IBJ Night at the Movies: "Fame"

September 16, 2009
Want to live forever? Light up the sky like a flame? Join us at a sneak preview.

IBJ Night at the Movies: "9"

September 2, 2009
Win tickets to a screening of the upcoming animated adventure.

Smoking pics, Julia Child, etc.

August 25, 2009
In England, Lynn Barber, author of the memoir "An Education," withdrew from the Books Now festival because the event organizers refused to print her photograph in the program. Why?

Your 'District 9'/'Serenity' thoughts

August 14, 2009
So were you among those at the "District 9" or "Serenity" screenings last night? I'll admit, I had every intention of making it a double feature. But after the enthusiastic, GenCon-er packed revisit to the terrific "Serenity," I decided to opt out...

IBJ movie night: 'District 9'

August 7, 2009
Here are two opportunities to take an early look at "District 9," the acclaimed new science fiction film about alien refugees on Earth. (More details on the film here, but isn't it a lot more fun going in without...

IBJ movie night: 'Serenity'

August 3, 2009
There's a good chance you missed "Serenity" when it first played in theaters. The adventure from Joss Whedon (of "Buffy" fame) is one of the best reviewed science fiction films of the decade so far (88% from the top critics at More

'Racing Dreams' & more win IIFF

July 24, 2009
"Racing Dreams," an outstanding documentary about competitive karting, took the Audience Award at the Indianapolis International Film Festival earlier this evening. Its three charming teen subjects and its director were all on hand to bask in the acclaim. Other feature winners...

500 Days of Summer thoughts

July 22, 2009
So, did you make it to the screening of "500 Days of Summer"? If so, what did you think? I'll let a few others post before I chime in with my thoughts.

IBJ Movie Night: '(500) Days...'

July 17, 2009
Want to join me at a sneak preview of the new romantic comedy "(500) Days of Summer" starring Zooey Deschanel? (More info on the film here) I've got passes for the Wednesday, July 22 7:30 screening at AMC Castleton Square...

IBJ movie night: "Zift"

July 8, 2009
The upcoming print issue of IBJ will include a preview of the Indianapolis International Film Festival, including our guide to the Best of the Fest. When that hits the stands, you'll also find a rundown of Recommends, If You...

Review: "Public Enemies"

June 30, 2009
Just when you've made it through another unfocused prison break sequence or another bank job more about the sound of the machine guns then the strategy or risk of the heist, "Public Enemies" gives a glimmer of hope it's going...

Letterman apologizes to Palin

June 16, 2009
(Lou Harry is now twittering the arts at IBJarts. Follow along...) After a few days of back-and-forthing, David Letterman has offered an on-air apology to Sarah Palin for a joke he made referencing her daughter. In case you missed it, here's...

Film fest titles announced

June 16, 2009
(Hey Twitter-ers:  Follow Lou Harry's A&E at    IBJARTS)   The Indianapolis International Film Festival has announced its lineup for its shifted-to-summer 11-day July event. You can find the full schedule here. As previously noted, the festival has not only shifted time, but location as...

"Idol" speculation

May 21, 2009
Okay, so our nation has annointed another "American Idol." And the chat rooms are buzzing about whether or not humble guy Kris Allen deserved the win over the in-your-face Adam Lambert. The fact remains that both have been given a huge launch pad....

IBJ Movie Night: "Girlfriends Past"

April 23, 2009
In the mood for a free chick flick? Want to join us for a screening of the upcoming romantic comedy "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" April 29 at AMC Castleton? Just leave a comment here...

IBJ movie night: 'Wolverine'

April 17, 2009
Summer's coming, so why not start the film season with a big popcorn movie? I've got passes to the April 30 midnight screening of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" at Regal Village Park and Galaxy 14. Want to go? Just leave a note here stating...

'Adventureland': Your thoughts

March 31, 2009
If you attended the screening Tuesday night, please post your comments. Sorry I missed it. Well, not sorry. I was at the American Cabaret Theatre relaunch concert. Should I go out of my way to see "Adventureland" when it hits theaters? Your...

IBJ movie night: 'Adventureland'

March 17, 2009
Maybe I'm just being nostalgic, but having spent my formative years working at a roller coaster/bumping cards/knock-down-the-milk-bottles summer resort, I'm looking forward to seeing "Adventureland," the upcoming comedy about amusement park workers in 1987. It...

'Watchmen": Your thoughts

March 6, 2009
Some of you got to the midnight screening of "The Watchmen" Thursday evening/Friday morning. Others may be catching it today. What did you think?

Friday Freebies

February 27, 2009
Recipe for a cheap date tonight: Start off at FringeFriday, held in the new Fringe Building at 719 E. St. Clair. Complementary hors d'oeuvres start at 5:30 followed by a 6:15 showcase including sketch comedy group Three Dollar Bill Comedy Co....

IBJ Movie Night: 'Watchmen'

February 25, 2009
Can "Watchmen," based on the acclaimed graphic novel, hold its own with such recent superhero standard-bearers as "Iron Man" and "The Dark Knight"? Be one of the first to find out. I'm giving away passes to the March 5th (okay, technically...

Cramming for the Oscars

February 19, 2009
The Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday and, while I know the best film of the year won't win (since "Wall*E" wasn't even nominated), I'll still be tuning in to root for some favorites (Go "In Bruges" for Best...

Should libraries charge?

February 4, 2009
Should libraries be charging for the hottest materials? The Dallas Public Library thinks so. It's slapped a $5 surcharge on a short list of bestsellers and new-release DVDs. You can find more details here. A slippery slope or a smart move? And,...

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  1. What became of this project? Anyone know?

  2. Scott, could you post an enlarged photo of the exterior of the building? This will be a great addition to Walnut Street. This area will only continue to develop with additions like this. Also, please give us more updates on the "Cultural Trail light" expansion. Also a great move for the city, as long as there is maintenance money set aside.

  3. Great story IBJ! Citizens don't have a real sense of the financial magnitude of supporting Indy's sports and tourism sector. The CIB was a brilliant idea for creating a highly integrated public-private partnership to support this sector from the economic activity it generates. Unfortunately, most folks think the benefits of that economic activity accrue directly to the City budget, and it doesn't. So though the CIB is facing lean times (covering its costs while maintaining minimally acceptable reserves), the City is operating with deficit - less tax revenue than expenses each year - with a very fragile reserve balance. That's why it's so challenging for the City to fund basic needs or new intitatives (e.g. pre-k education; new jail), and some credit rating agencies have downgraded Indy from it's past stellar AAA status. More reporting on City finances would be welcomed.

  4. Sure, I'll admit that it bugs me to see that the IBJ.COM censors it's blog posts almost as much as the D of I does when someone points out the falsehoods and fabrications. _____But I think it bothers me almost as much that Captain/Defender/Disciple get his yanked too. You see, those of us with a sense of integrity, humanity, compassion, and a need for fact based opinion WANT to see all of his screeds posted. It makes our point so much better than we can do it ourselves.

  5. We're conflating two very different topics. Voter fraud is a myth and excessive gun violence is all too real. I just hope rational gunowners decide to stop being shouted down by the, well, let's call them "less rational" ones.