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  1. Congrats Mike and TechPoint!

  2. Rick, thanks for pointing that out about Carmelites. We're in the process of editing that out of the article.

  3. I believe Carmel spends boat loads of money on special projects that benefit special groups. Monon and Paladium projects were done without regard to budget or maintenance. Surely Carmel can pay to pipe it to the treatment plant, and do less subsidy of developer's taxes and projects. What if Carmel had great schools and neighborhoods, but stopped the subsidy of more development. Run the waste over to the treatment plant where it belongs.

  4. Just a couple of points... 1) KOG is Lutheran. Carmelites are Catholic. Using the term Carmelites changes the meaning of the story when speaking of a church. Not being PC, just clarifying. 2) it doesn't sound like the church is the one making the noise. It sounds like two HOA's are causing the commotion. 3) $108,600 for ground with Keystone frontage and easy roundabout access sounds like a low per-acre price. Not to mention, this is a 4.3 acre parcel. Taking that down to a 2.7 will limit future, potentially more lucrative, uses of the space. If the church is going to sell at some point, they have every responsibility to their members to maximize that potential in order to grow their mission funds, etc... 4) It sounds like the tank will be empty 95% of the time.

  5. Joe, you are correct. Scott Webber was not co-founder of Software Artistry. He was CEO during its IPO. We have corrected the error. Thank you for reading IBJ.