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Immigration redux at the Statehouse

January 11, 2010
Are Republicans shooting themselves in the foot with another bill targeting illegals?

Again, on government reform

January 5, 2010
Assessing the odds for government reform in the General Assembly.

Bailing out big spenders

December 17, 2009
Obama is going wobbling on forcing fiscal responsibility on states, and Hoosiers might get stuck with the bill.

'Taxing' not-for-profit property

December 14, 2009
Some Indiana mayors, desperate for revenue, think it's time for "payments-in-lieu-of-taxes."

Assessing Ballard's new rules

December 9, 2009
Do the mayor's lobbying restrictions go far enough?

Messer: Palin could 'win' Indiana

November 20, 2009
Former state representative and lobbyist Luke Messer thinks Sarah Palin could carry Indiana in a presidential primary.

Steak n Shake and the new NEA chief

November 5, 2009
Should Biglari take Landesman's remarks as praise where he can get it, or consider them an insult?

Has Bayh's moment arrived?

October 28, 2009

Fiscal responsibility could be the mettle Sen. Evan Bayh needs to land in a higher office.


Why Indy seems slow to ban smoking

October 6, 2009
If Indianapolis is considered a model on fronts ranging from downtown revitalization to fiscal responsibility, why is it so late to ban smoking? George Geib, who has been observing Indianapolis as a Butler University historian for 45 years, thinks the reluctance can be traced to immigration patterns.

Are Indiana Dems brain-dead?

July 1, 2009
Now that another General Assembly is mercifully behind us, itâ??s a good time to raise a festering question about the lopsided nature of ideas bantered about the Statehouse in recent years. Gov. Mitch Daniels has driven a wide-ranging agenda characterized by...

Goldsmithâ??s latest venture

June 4, 2009
Former Indianapolis Mayor Steve Goldsmith, never one to let grass grow under his feet, has started a not-for-profit with one-time presidential candidate Howard Dean to promote Goldsmithâ??s pet cause of public-private partnerships. The Council of Project Finance Advisors aims...

Fodder for special session

May 1, 2009
Charitably speaking, not much got done in the legislative session that ended Wednesday. Now Gov. Daniels plans to call a special session to force passage of a budget, the only bodyâ??s only legal requirement. Should anything else be put on the...

'Livability' for Indianapolis

February 23, 2009
A year into his tenure as mayor of Indianapolis, Greg Ballard over the weekend articulated what may be the closest thing weâ??ll hear for his vision for the city. Ballardâ??s State of the City address touted making Indianapolis the...

Wobbly on township government

February 12, 2009
State legislators seem to be looking for excuses to dodge the recommendation in the Kernan-Shepard report to eliminate township-level government. This wasnâ??t unexpected. Township officials often are close friends and political allies of legislators, so the legislators donâ??t want...

Tap the rainy day fund?

February 9, 2009
The weakening economy is producing worse and worse tax revenue forecasts for Indiana. As a result, Democrats are calling for Gov. Mitch Daniels, a Republican, to open the stateâ??s $1.3 billion rainy day fund. Tough times like these are what...

Tax cheats, or just ignorance?

February 6, 2009
A third nominee to join the Obama administration has gone down in flames after revelations about problems with income taxes. A Senate panel last night called off confirmation hearings for U.S. Rep. Hilda Solis, who was nominated to lead the Labor...

Obama and executive salary caps

February 5, 2009
All things considered, there shouldnâ??t be a fuss about President Obamaâ??s plan to cap salaries of executives in companies that receive federal bailouts. Thatâ??s the take of Dan Dalton, an Indiana University specialist on corporate governance. Dalton points out that...

Hoosier lessons for Obama

January 20, 2009
Some people went ballistic when $40 million was spent on George W. Bushâ??s inauguration in 2001, and now $120 million is going toward Barack Obamaâ??s inauguration festivities today â?? much of it donated, of course. Few people would argue against celebrating...

Daniels' budget axing priorities?

January 7, 2009
Gov. Mitch Daniels said yesterday he wants to spare schools and public safety from the scalpel as he looks to prepare an honestly balanced budget during a time of declining tax revenue. But Democrats accuse the Republican of crimping...

Smoking ban back on the table

November 19, 2008
Smoking in public places is in retreat across the country, and now Charlie Brown, the state representative from Gary, wants to ban it in bars, casinos and other enclosed places in Indiana. Brown plans to introduce a bill during...

Whatâ??s next for Daniels?

November 12, 2008
Mitch Daniels has plenty of reason to feel good about himself these days. Last week, he won reelection in a landslide after cutting a wake through a change-averse state, and without going negative on his opponent, Jill Long Thompson. Daniels also needs...

Obama, Daniels and Indiana

November 5, 2008
Change agents Barack Obama and Mitch Daniels won over Hoosiers yesterday, but from different ends of the political spectrum. Barack Obama took the state after a campaign in which he promised to increase regulations on business, raise taxes on...

A historian previews the election

October 8, 2008
Jerry Handfield hasnâ??t lived in Indiana since 2001, when he moved to Washington to take a similar job overseeing that stateâ??s archives. But Handfield still keeps tabs on Indiana. So much so that he checks the Weather Channel when tornadoes rip...

Race and the Obama vote

October 7, 2008
Yet another poll shows the contest between John McCain and Barack Obama as too close to call in Indiana. The WISH-TV Channel 13 survey has each with 46 percent of likely voters. With margins like this, the election could...

Bloodbath on Wall Street

September 29, 2008
Thereâ??s no time like an election to make politicians nervous about taking a stand on a controversial issue, and this afternoonâ??s House vote on the $700 billion bailout plan is no exception. Many Republicans and some Democrats, leery about facing voters...

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  1. Why should I a home owner pay for this"car sharing" ????

  2. By the way, the right to work law is intended to prevent forced union membership, not as a way to keep workers in bondage as you make it sound, Italiano. If union leadership would spend all of their funding on the workers, who they are supposed to be representing, instead of trying to buy political favor and living lavish lifestyles as a result of the forced membership, this law would never had been necessary.

  3. Unions once served a noble purpose before greed and apathy took over. Now most unions are just as bad or even worse than the ills they sought to correct. I don't believe I have seen a positive comment posted by you. If you don't like the way things are done here, why do you live here? It would seem a more liberal environment like New York or California would suit you better?

  4. just to clear it up... Straight No Chaser is an a capella group that formed at IU. They've toured nationally typically doing a capella arangements of everything from Old Songbook Standards to current hits on the radio.

  5. This surprises you? Mayor Marine pulled the same crap whenhe levered the assets of the water co up by half a billion $$$ then he created his GRAFTER PROGRAM called REBUILDINDY. That program did not do anything for the Ratepayors Water Infrastructure Assets except encumber them and FORCE invitable higher water and sewer rates on Ratepayors to cover debt coverage on the dough he stole FROM THE PUBLIC TRUST. The guy is morally bankrupt to the average taxpayer and Ratepayor.