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  1. I want a tax cut on my income taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, and excise taxes too!! Why not just cut everyone's taxes! We all do good things form the State!

  2. I may be wrong on this, especially since the thumbnail renderings are hard to see, but from the rendering and the story, it sounds like this will be mostly glass and steel. I have learned never to judge a project from the thumbnail pictures, but from the larger size renderings when they come out. That said, it is wonderful seeing all the infill projects removing the empty lots of long gone buildings.

  3. While I wholeheartedly agree that there are thoughtful and intelligent conservative commentators (George Will comes to mind), Rush Limbaugh is not one of them. He is a shamelessly ignorant and dishonest provocateur, whose only goal is to keep his ratings high by keeping his dittoheads agitated and coming back for more. Quote: "How can CO2 possibly be harmful?!! We exhale CO2!!!" (Gee, I don't know Rush, why don't you test that theory by putting a plastic bag over your head and re-breathing the CO2?) His hate speech is helping to destroy the fabric of America while he pretends to be a patriot. All points of view do not have equal truth or value, and do not deserve radio airtime. Mr. Smulyan, a very smart man, surely knows and understands this. Sadly, as long as Rush draws a crowd, Mr. Smulyan seems willing to provide him with a platform. If there's something people want to buy -- whatever it is -- there's always someone willing to sell it to them. It's all about the benjamins.

  4. Aldi is the best supermarket you will find for almost everything you really need look them up on the web! They are a world wide store. The parent company also owns trader joes. I literally save 30-50% on every shopping trip. Their brand is equal to any other label and often better. Produce is fresh. I shop at Aldi first and then fill in at other stores if I need anything. The small inconvenience of paying in cash or with a debit card is completely insignificant to the savings I get. I don't mind putting a quarter in to get a cart when I get the quarter back and oh by the way, save 30-50%! Go Aldi!

  5. If Simon Corp did care about their hometown, they could've at least fixed all the potholes in the parking lot of Wash Square. But Simon Corp is a publicly traded company, and I really doubt the board of directors and shareholders care much at all about the company's reputation in its hometown, unless it would actually keep them from getting a requested public subsidy, which I don't think it has. It's unfair to blame Simon too much though for the decline of the shopping climates around Eastgate, Wash Sq, and Laf Sq. It's equally unfair to blame all the people who live there. This pattern of urban decline has happened very similarly in every city across America where the middle-class continually moves farther out from the core into newer housing every generation, leaving behind older housing with lesser demand that gets reoccupied by the city's growing poor population. This has played out on all sides of the city, but to a much lesser extent on the north side as it has always been home to the upper class. The retention of high income households on the northside of the city, and the proximity of growth of high income households in the north suburbs has kept Castleton Sq and the Fashion Mall vibrant. Greenwood Mall will likely deteriorate as well, but currently it benefits from being farther from the core of the city and closer to the heart of suburban middle-class growth.