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Speedway request for tax money could start heated debate

February 11, 2013
The IMS's first request for taxpayer assistance after more than 100 years in business has triggered heavy sighs from people fighting against such sports subsidies. If approved, does this open the door for more?

Deal with flip-flopping Firestone big gamble for Miles

January 2, 2013
Only time will tell if the fast-tracked Firestone deal will lead to long-term harmony and growth for the IndyCar Series or a rough ride for Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles and his new regime.

Hoosier Racing Tire casting eye toward IndyCar

December 13, 2012
At last week's International Motorsports Industry Show, officials for Lakeville-based company said they are interested in and capable of supplying tires for the high-speed IndyCar Series.

Miles eyes lights for Speedway, postseason for IndyCar

December 12, 2012
While new Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles said his first priority is to grow the IndyCar Series, there’s no doubt he plans to do the same for the IMS. And growth means change.

Pandering to NASCAR hurts IndyCar's brand

December 5, 2012
Here’s a new statement IndyCar and Speedway officials might consider: The Indianapolis 500 and IndyCar racing are for highly-skilled specialists, not someone who can “drive the wheels off anything from a Dixie Chopper to a Camaro.”

Hulman & Co. CEO seeks to overhaul IndyCar management

November 29, 2012
Mark Miles isn’t likely to stop at simply hiring a replacement for Randy Bernard, racing sources said. He also aims to build a new IndyCar Series management structure and hire a new executive team.

Miles facing toughest challenge with IndyCar

November 21, 2012
Building trust between the IndyCar paddock and front office is fine. But that bridge will lead to nowhere unless new Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles and IndyCar Series and IMS boss Jeff Belskus can build an audience for the sport.

Signs point to internal hire to replace Bernard as IndyCar CEO

November 2, 2012
The board of directors overseeing the IndyCar Series is not employing a search firm to look for a new CEO, and three internal candidates have risen to the top of a list of potential replacements for Randy Bernard.

Uncertainty once again hurting IndyCar Series

October 24, 2012
Nothing kills sales faster than uncertainty. Especially when that uncertainty pertains to the product being sold. That’s why the IndyCar Series finds itself—once again—in a less-than-ideal growth position this off-season.

IndyCar could get boost from unlikely ally

October 17, 2012
NBC officials are confident their new deal to broadcast Formula One races will help grow the IndyCar Series audience, not divert attention from the American circuit.

IndyCar Series appears headed to Rhode Island in 2013

September 11, 2012
The 2.1-mile street course will have considerable elevation changes and run past Brown University and the state capitol building. But can such an ambitious endeavor be profitable?

Colts nearing season sellout, DeltaWing wants in IndyCar

August 14, 2012
In this new video segment on The Score, IBJ sports reporter Anthony Schoettle offers insight and analysis on the latest happenings with the Indianapolis Colts and IndyCar Series.

Jimmie Johnson accused of desecrating Brickyard

August 1, 2012
Long after NASCAR departed the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a group of racing fans are still fuming over the way the Brickyard 400 champ celebrated his victory.

Decline of Brickyard 400 shows power of Indy 500

July 30, 2012
While the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race has seen its rise and fall within a relatively short 19-year history, the Indianapolis 500 has persevered through good times and bad, through peace time and World Wars and through massive popularity swings in open-wheel racing.

Speedway mulls installing lights for NASCAR race

July 27, 2012
Indianapolis Motor Speedway and NASCAR officials remain committed to the long-term future of the Sprint Cup race at the Brickyard, predict double-digit percentage attendance gains this year.

IndyCar executive's fast exit leaves unanswered questions

July 13, 2012
The loss of IndyCar Series Chief Operating Officer Marc Koretzky doesn’t rate up there with Danica Patrick defecting for NASCAR, but it certainly doesn’t appear to be a positive development for the open-wheel series.

IndyCar CEO, team owners at major crossroads

July 5, 2012
IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard and the team owners who run cars in the open-wheel series still seem miles apart on the topics of aero kits and schedule expansion. Bernard hopes to make decisions on those two topics soon.

IndyCar's China race, Izod title sponsorship in jeopardy

June 11, 2012
IndyCar officials are hustling to find a replacement for its August race in Qingdao, China so it doesn't run afoul of its sponsorship agreements.

Brickyard boss likely to have sway over Bernard's future

June 7, 2012
Though he keeps a low profile, Indianapolis Motor Speedway CEO Jeff Belskus will have a big say in whether Randy Bernard survives after this year as the IndyCar Series leader.

Speedway traditions sacrificed, and IndyCar better for it

May 25, 2012
Three years ago when the board overseeing the Indianapolis Motor Speedway fired one of its own as CEO, it looked like IndyCar racing was headed for an ugly crash. Today, the future looks much brighter.

Indy 500 Last Row Party rolls out new features

May 22, 2012
One of the Indy 500’s best peripheral events, the Last Row Party celebrates its 40th anniversary. Organizers have several special activities and guests slated this year.

Hoosiers' heritage takes a beating

May 4, 2012
It's been a tough week for Indiana traditions. Jim Nabors won't be at the Indy 500, the IU-UK match-up has been scrubbed and the 500 field of 33 may be minus one for the first time since 1934. Is the sky falling? Maybe not, but it sure feels like it to us Hoosiers.

Long Beach race reveals IndyCar issues

April 16, 2012
IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard has two troubling things to ponder in the wake of Sunday's race; marketing and driver safety.

IndyCar emerges from disaster, but Indy awaits

April 2, 2012
After Dan Wheldon's death last season, few predicted the IndyCar Series would steer its new chassis and engine package into 2012 smoothly. But so far, the series has opened to mostly rave reviews. The series now faces its biggest test, and opportunity, at Indy.

Life without Danica presents serious challenges for IndyCar

February 23, 2012
She rarely won. Her tantrums became old and tired. But the media and casual race fans loved Danica Patrick. So the big question remains, will the series be better or worse off without her?

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