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IndyCar hits major milestone; CEO still chasing solutions

September 8, 2010
Open-wheel series event in Kentucky marked series' 200th race. Landmark has some motorsports insiders asking 'what next?'

Potential of MotoGP weekend waiting to be unlocked

August 30, 2010
The economic impact of the MotorGP weekend is almost 20 percent of the entire Indiana Pacers season and more than 10 percent of the Indianapolis Colts season. Not bad for an event the city puts almost nothing into. And it could be so much more.

IndyCar CEO faces first owners' revolt over 2012 car

August 26, 2010
IndyCar trail boss Randy Bernard is taking a hard line as team owners threaten not to buy new car unless changes are made.

John Force for mayor?

August 25, 2010
NHRA drag race champion said local city, county and state officials have helped his operation expand in Indiana, while California officials have chased his business off. He said he loves it here so much, he may run for office.

O'Reilly Auto Parts wants to kill ORP racetrack moniker

August 24, 2010
Auto parts retailing giant bought the naming rights to the NHRA facility in Indianapolis, and it wants its money's worth. But the transition could be challenging.

Turning Darios into Marios no easy feat for IndyCar Series

August 23, 2010
Is bringing out old-time open-wheelers a smart play or a desperate move for the IndyCar Series?

New racing series coming to Indy

August 17, 2010
Arena Racing USA could be housed in Conseco Fieldhouse or Pepsi Coliseum starting in 2011. Tony Stewart and Joe Gibbs are among investors in new series.

IndyCar's Randy Bernard revving up his grade

August 12, 2010
Series is scoring a record entry field for Chicagoland at a time when many racing grids across the country are contracting. The series' new boss seems to be gaining sponsors' confidence.

IndyCar drivers want to set up their own advisory committee

August 3, 2010
Open-wheel racers seek unified voice on things like safety, track set-up, scheduling, rules and other hot topics. But would that lead to more collaboration or conflict?

NASCAR insiders want Brickyard 400 under lights

July 26, 2010
NASCAR boss Brian France indicated Indy's July date could be shipped to Kentucky. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Speedway CEO Jeff Belskus may have to consider dramatic changes to re-energize the Brickyard 400.

IndyCar chassis plan may lure multiple engine makers

July 15, 2010
IndyCar's new chassis could be the start of an open-wheel revolution. But it won't matter if the series' CEO can't transalte it into more money-spending fans.

IndyCar CEO must keep chassis choice from splintering series

July 14, 2010
Choosing a new chassis formula for the 2012 IndyCar Series season may be the least of new CEO Randy Bernard's challenges. The decision will be announced today at 12:30 p.m. and acrimony may follow.

Danica Patrick ad is just blowing smoke

July 12, 2010
IndyCar racer turned NASCAR Nationwide Series driver needs to lose the defiant tone in her ESPN ad and rev up a little humility until she starts winning.

IndyCar CEO ready to slay sacred cows

July 6, 2010
IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard is demanding more support from track partners in an all-out effort to strengthen the series in 2011 and beyond.

IndyCar fans still waiting for Randy Bernard to work magic

June 29, 2010
After four months under the leadership of a new CEO, the IndyCar Series is still up against the wall. Series partners are demanding more results and fewer excuses.

Tony Kanaan, Danica Patrick feud could wreck IndyCar

June 22, 2010
Tony Kanaan took another jab at Andretti Autosport teammate Danica Patrick after his victory Sunday in Iowa. Regardless of who is justified, this isn't a fight either can win.

Danica Patrick's tirade at Indy may have saved her season

June 7, 2010
Danica Patrick and Ryan Briscoe revived their IndyCar careers Saturday in Texas. Meanwhile, the series' saftey crews get a failing grade after taking far too long to put out Simona de Silvestro's car fire.

National, local Indy 500 TV ratings take dive

June 1, 2010
Nationally and locally, fewer people watched the Indianapolis 500 on television than they did a year ago. New IndyCar Series CEO working hard to bolster the numbers.

Late-race Indy 500 crash sparks safety concerns

June 1, 2010
Certain corners of the IndyCar world have long been concerned that the open-wheelers have the potential to take flight during a wreck. The lap 199 crash sending Mike Conway airborn and debris into the Speedway stands re-ignites those worries. 

2010 Indianapolis 500 full of winners ... and losers

May 30, 2010
Dario Franchitti, Tony Kanaan and Simona De Silvestra have successful day. Danica Patrick, despite solid finish, doesn't get much exposure for her sponsors. Sarah Fisher must do better to retain her sponsors long-term.

Bernard and Belskus say IndyCar Series will be out of red next year

May 26, 2010
IndyCar Series boss Randy Bernard and Speedway CEO Jeff Belskus predict the 15-year-old open-wheel series will be financially self-sustaining by 2011, and churning out growing profits after that.

IndyCar boss Randy Bernard gaining confidence in Versus

May 19, 2010
A two-day visit this week with Versus cable channel executives has convinced new IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard that the series has a good TV partner. And it's a good thing, because Bernard doesn't think the series has an opt-out clause on its 10-year deal.

IndyCar-NASCAR $20M deal has one big drawback

May 18, 2010
By moving its start time to 11 a.m., does the Indianapolis 500 play second fiddle to NASCAR's Coca-Cola 600? Is that the future of The Greatest Spectacle in Racing?

IndyCar boss must apologize for something he didn't do

April 26, 2010
The IndyCar Series is showing some promise this year. But to bring the sport all the way back, new series CEO Randy Bernard needs to issue an apology for the 1996 divide that wrecked open-wheel racing.

NCAA signs new TV deal despite financial losses

April 22, 2010
CBS informed NCAA it lost money on the broadcast of March Madness this year. Even so, CBS and Turner this morning agreed to a 14-year, multi-billion dollar deal to broadcast the men's hoops tournament.

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  1. I still don't understand how the FBI had any right whatsoever to investigate this elderly collector. Before the Antiquities Act it was completely legal to buy, trade or collect Native American artifacts. I used to see arrow heads, axes, bowls, corn grinders at antique shops and flea markets for sale and I bought them myself. But that was in the late 60's and early 70's. And I now know that people used to steal items from sites and sell them. I understand that is illegal. But we used to find arrow heads and even a corn grinder in our back yard when I was a child. And I still have those items today in my small collection.

  2. I lived in California and they had many of the things noted in the proposed suggestions from the "Blue Ribbon Panel". California is near financial collapse now. Let's not turn the great state of Indiana into a third world dump like California.

  3. The temporary closure of BR Avenue will get a lot of attention. But, one thing reported by the IndyStar really stands out to me, and is extraordinarily depressing: “Police also have agreed to crack down on noise violations, traffic violations and public intoxication.” In other words, the police have generously agreed to do their jobs (temporarily, at least), instead of just standing around waiting for someone to call 911. When is someone in this department going to get off their fat arse (looking at you, Chief), get their minds out of 1975-era policing and into 2014, and have his department engage in pro-active work instead of sitting around waiting for someone to be shot? Why in the hell does it take 7 people getting shot in one night in one of the city’s biggest tourist destinations, to convince the police (reluctantly, it would appear) that they actually need to do their f’n jobs? When is the Chief going to realize that there’s a huge, direct, proven correlation between enforcing the law (yes, all laws, especially those affecting quality of life) and preventing larger crimes from occurring? Is it racial BS? Is that what this extraordinary reluctance is all about? Is the department and the city terrified that if they do their jobs, they might offend someone? Whom, exactly? Will the victims of violence, murder, assault, rape, robbery, and theft be offended? Will the citizens who have to tolerate their deteriorating quality of life be offended? Will the businesses who see their customers flee be offended? Or, is it simple ignorance (maybe the Chief hasn’t heard about NYC’s success in fighting crime - it’s only the biggest g*&#am city in the country, after all)? Either way, Chief, if you don’t want to do your job, then step down. Let someone who actually wants the job take it.

  4. I thought Indiana had all the funding it needed for everything. That's why the state lottery and casino gambling were allowed, as the new tax revenue would take care of everything the state wanted to do.The recommendations sound like they came from California. Better think about that. What is the financial condition of that state?

  5. I was a fan of WIBC in the morning, Steve was the only WIBC host that I listened too, he gave the news with so much flare that I enjoyed listening to him on my way to work. Katz is no Steve. Sadly, I will not be listening to WIBC anymore.