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Labor fight: Carolina owner rattles Manning's cage

February 15, 2011
Recent moves by NFL owners and players are putting Indianapolis' 2012 Super Bowl in serious jeopardy.

Circle may close to cars for Super Bowl week

February 7, 2011
Indianapolis' Super Bowl host committee is trying to raise money to hold a big-time, possibly nightly, entertainment event on Monument Circle during next year's week-long run-up to the Super Bowl.

Golic, national media extol virtues of Indy Super Bowl

February 4, 2011
While the national media for this year's Super Bowl looked forward to next year in Indy, Papa John was causing a media room ruckus that threatened to cause an escalator to collapse.

Gang way, it's go time in Dallas

February 3, 2011
Indianapolis' 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee fights for face time with a worldwide media contingency at this year's big game. Hats and scarves become critical drawing cards.

Dallas hospitality doesn't measure up, so far

February 2, 2011
Indianapolis' Super Bowl Host Committee is in Dallas this week to educate themselves. But I have a feeling the Texans could learn a thing or two from their Indy counterparts about hosting big sports events.

Fresh-faced coach ready to breathe new life into Pacers

January 31, 2011
Frank Vogel talks like a man of conviction and looks like he just walked off the set of the movie Hoosiers. If only he can string together a few victories, he could be just what the franchise needs.

Unsullied image gives Colts QB many audibles to call

January 28, 2011
In this day and age when everyone carries a cell phone with a camera or video recorder, Peyton Manning's nearly spotless image is more incredible than his NFL streak of starting games.

IndyCar CEO reverses course on profitability prediction

January 26, 2011
IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard said it's more important this year to lay a solid foundation for long-term success than it is to try to generate a short-term profit.

Bears fans' behavior shows value of Hoosier hospitality

January 25, 2011
Courteous Colts fans go a long way to selling city to visitors.

Centennial Indy 500 pace car expected to bring high price at auction

January 21, 2011
Barrett-Jackson officials think the orange-and-white Camaro convertible could fetch a six-figure sum.

Will Peyton Manning really be NFL's highest-paid player?

January 19, 2011
Expect Colts quarterback to a sign back-loaded contract that he has no intention of playing out.

Mattel's Hot Wheels planning mega Indy 500 event

January 14, 2011
IndyCar Series officials are promising a big announcement in conjunction with the California-based toy maker within three weeks.

Lucas thinks Indy will get Super Bowl on regular rotation

January 12, 2011
Lucas Oil founder Forrest Lucas said the title sponsorship deal his company signed has doubled the firm's brand image. He said the deal's value far exceeds the $20 million annually his company is paying, and that value will be increased by next year's Super Bowl.

IndyCar Series, Speedway open Hollywood area office

January 11, 2011
Open-wheel series hires staffer, opens office to bring IndyCar to big and small screens.

Irsay, Polian and Manning must change Colts' course

January 10, 2011
If the Colts are going to win a second Super Bowl in Indianapolis before Peyton Manning retires, Bill Polian's team-building strategy must be altered now.

Is Jim Harbaugh worth twice as much as Colts' Jim Caldwell?

January 7, 2011
Two NFL teams are offering Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh $7 million annually to be their head coach, despite no experience in this arena. That puts him in elite company near Bill Belichick.

Pacers hire on-air personality to bolster corporate outreach

December 28, 2010
Sports-talk radio host Eddie White said he is leaving the airwaves to focus solely on his new job.

Speedway's Fred Nation to run for Terre Haute mayor

December 15, 2010
IMS communications executive has considerable political experience working for Birch and Evan Bayh.

Big Ten blows call on division names

December 14, 2010
Commissioner's logic on new divisions names is hard to follow.

Pacers' attendance still lagging

December 13, 2010
Despite an improved team from last year, Indiana Pacers fans are showing up at Conseco Fieldhouse in smaller numbers this season.

Is Izod-Penske pact a conflict for IndyCar Series?

December 9, 2010
When the open-wheel series' title sponsor becomes directly affiliated with a team, questions could arise.

IU's new football coach will need special vision

December 8, 2010
IU faithful must hope that new football coach Kevin Wilson is as good at mining hidden gems as athletics director Fred Glass.

IU football team hitting 20-year financial highs

December 3, 2010
In the end, Bill Lynch was the football coach IU Athletics Director Fred Glass could least afford.

IndyCar Series' Edmonton race back on?

November 29, 2010
Edmonton officials have unveiled a plan to save the IndyCar Series race there in 2011.

Chevy, Lotus engines could infuse $30 million annually into marketing IndyCar

November 18, 2010
While IndyCar Series' CEO is headed to L.A. for the Lotus announcement, the head of series' commercial division is flying down to Brazil to ink two new corporate partners. Big sponsor announcement could come next week.

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  1. If I were a developer I would be looking at the Fountain Square and Fletcher Place neighborhoods instead of Broad Ripple. I would avoid the dysfunctional BRVA with all of their headaches. It's like deciding between a Blackberry or an iPhone 5s smartphone. BR is greatly in need of updates. It has become stale and outdated. Whereas Fountain Square, Fletcher Place and Mass Ave have become the "new" Broad Ripples. Every time I see people on the strip in BR on the weekend I want to ask them, "How is it you are not familiar with Fountain Square or Mass Ave? You have choices and you choose BR?" Long vacant storefronts like the old Scholar's Inn Bake House and ZA, both on prominent corners, hurt the village's image. Many business on the strip could use updated facades. Cigarette butt covered sidewalks and graffiti covered walls don't help either. The whole strip just looks like it needs to be power washed. I know there is more to the BRV than the 700-1100 blocks of Broad Ripple Ave, but that is what people see when they think of BR. It will always be a nice place live, but is quickly becoming a not-so-nice place to visit.

  2. I sure hope so and would gladly join a law suit against them. They flat out rob people and their little punk scam artist telephone losers actually enjoy it. I would love to run into one of them some day!!

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  4. Woohoo! We're #200!!! Absolutely disgusting. Bring on the congestion. Indianapolis NEEDS it.

  5. So Westfield invested about $30M in developing Grand Park and attendance to date is good enough that local hotel can't meet the demand. Carmel invested $180M in the Palladium - which generates zero hotel demand for its casino acts. Which Mayor made the better decision?