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Indy's new soccer team blowing sales expectations 'out of the water'

March 7, 2013
Still 13 months from kickoff, sales are so brisk that team officials think they may sell out of season tickets for their inaugural season.

Information leaks threaten to sink IndyCar, Speedway

March 6, 2013
The scariest thing for the Speedway and IndyCar Series is that the breaches could indicate there are forces within the organization’s leadership pushing in different directions.

Indy gets its first FM sports/talk station

March 1, 2013
Emmis Communications has begun simulcasting The Fan on its newly acquired FM frequency, but with a couple interesting twists. A wider coverage area in a growing format could mean big bucks for Emmis.

IU's Assembly Hall could get new name if price is right

February 27, 2013
Naming rights deal for 42-year-old IU basketball venue could score the school $2 million a year, sports marketers said. IU Athletics Director Fred Glass says re-naming the facility is not out of the question.

Danica's Daytona sends TV ratings, IMS hopes soaring

February 25, 2013
The most popular racer, man or woman, on four wheels is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's best, and perhaps only, chance at reversing an ugly and costly attendance slide at the Brickyard 400 in July.

Fans beating down doors to get into NFL Combine

February 20, 2013
The NFL Scouting Combine used to be a little-known, behind-the-scenes event used by NFL coaches, scouts and team executives to evaluate players before the April draft. Now, 800 media members cover the event in Indy, and ticket demand far outweighs supply.

Danica could bring IMS $1.5 million plus pay day

February 18, 2013
It's a long way between Daytona and Indianapolis. But if Danica Patrick can continue to gain momentum between there and here, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway could score an additional $1.5 million or more in July.

Local golf pro to be enshrined in PGA Hall of Fame

February 15, 2013
Golf guru with a unique story will have his name inscribed in granite alongside the names of some of the game's greats at the PGA Museum of Golf in Florida March 12.

It's time for Miles to address IndyCar fans directly

February 13, 2013
A State of the Series would help new Hulman & Co. CEO Mark Miles start winning over current IndyCar fans and generating new interest in the series.

Speedway request for tax money could start heated debate

February 11, 2013
The IMS's first request for taxpayer assistance after more than 100 years in business has triggered heavy sighs from people fighting against such sports subsidies. If approved, does this open the door for more?

NBA owners must convince fans jersey ads not cash grab

February 7, 2013
NBA owners like Pacers' Herb Simon must explain that fans are getting something out of the deal to bring jersey ads into the league. Otherwise, the reaction could give the league and its teams a black eye.

Who is Indiana's best college hoops coach? There are two answers

February 6, 2013
When it comes to Xs and Os, Butler's Brad Stevens is the man. If you want a consummate hardwood CEO, it's IU's Tom Crean, hands down.

Indy's non-pursuit of NBA all-star game remains mystery

February 5, 2013
The NBA all-star game could deliver a larger economic impact than a Final Four for Indianapolis. Yet the effort to lure the lucrative event to either Bankers Life Fieldhouse or Lucas Oil Stadium is stuck in neutral.

Indy's competition for 2018 Super Bowl getting ridiculous

February 1, 2013
As many as eight cities are lining up for a shot at hosting the 2018 Super Bowl. Indianapolis officials should expect some team owners to line up against them and some of their opponents to fight dirty to win this lucrative prize.

Big Ten basketball coaches pay hikes show no signs of slowing

January 30, 2013
Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean got a $640,000 raise at the start of this season. Why did Crean get such a raise and who's due to get a huge raise following this Big Ten season? Read on to find out.

Indians should holler loudest about ticket tax increase

January 29, 2013
Is Indianapolis' minor league baseball team getting a raw deal from the city? A look at their lease deal compared to the Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Colts might make you think so.

NFL steals Indy's Super Bowl idea, but shelves its moniker

January 25, 2013
The NFL is mandating a Super Bowl Village-like experience for all host cities starting this year in New Orleans. League officials think they have a better way to brand the concept. But do they?

Local leaders letting glow from 2012 Super Bowl fade

January 23, 2013
Though Allison Melangton has been tagged to lead the effort to bring the Super Bowl back to Indianapolis in 2018, she has no plans to take a page—or even a paragraph—from the 2012 bid.

Swarbrick, media take beating in wake of Te'o case

January 17, 2013
Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick took a lot of arrows during his Wednesday press conference addressing the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax. If the media wants someone to crucify, they need to look in the mirror.

Armstrong confession represents new beginning for local attorney

January 16, 2013
Bill Bock, U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's lead attorney, was heavily criticized for going after retired cyclist Lance Armstrong. But Bock and USADA CEO Travis Tygart proved looking back can move you forward.

Huge rugby complex planned for former drive-in theater

January 15, 2013
If the Indiana Youth Rugby Foundation can raise another $500,000, construction on the nation's largest rugby complex will begin this spring at the site of the old Twin Aire Drive-In.

Shine exits Adidas Reebok to work for American Idol creator

January 10, 2013
The Logo Athletic founder is taking on a senior executive role with XIX Entertainment to help cross-promote the global firm's biggest sports and entertainment stars.

Super Bowl guru now looking to score Olympic gold for Indy

January 9, 2013
The Indiana Sports Corp. is making a bold bid to host the 2016 U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials inside the cavernous Lucas Oil Stadium. And that's just the beginning of the ambitious plans the organization's new CEO is drawing up.

Ample reasons for Arians to stay with Colts

January 7, 2013
The Colts' offensive coordinator might realize the opportunities for him in Indianapolis outweigh anything he'll find anywhere else.

Local sports radio market adds third player

January 3, 2013
On Jan. 2, WXNT-AM 1430 changed its format from news-talk to 24-hour sports, going head-to-head with WFNI-AM 1070 and WNDE-AM 1260. The last time this market had three sports-talk radio stations, one didn't survive.

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  1. How can any company that has the cash and other assets be allowed to simply foreclose and not pay the debt? Simon, pay the debt and sell the property yourself. Don't just stiff the bank with the loan and require them to find a buyer.

  2. If you only knew....

  3. The proposal is structured in such a way that a private company (who has competitors in the marketplace) has struck a deal to get "financing" through utility ratepayers via IPL. Competitors to BlueIndy are at disadvantage now. The story isn't "how green can we be" but how creative "financing" through captive ratepayers benefits a company whose proposal should sink or float in the competitive marketplace without customer funding. If it was a great idea there would be financing available. IBJ needs to be doing a story on the utility ratemaking piece of this (which is pretty complicated) but instead it suggests that folks are whining about paying for being green.

  4. The facts contained in your post make your position so much more credible than those based on sheer emotion. Thanks for enlightening us.

  5. Please consider a couple of economic realities: First, retail is more consolidated now than it was when malls like this were built. There used to be many department stores. Now, in essence, there is one--Macy's. Right off, you've eliminated the need for multiple anchor stores in malls. And in-line retailers have consolidated or folded or have stopped building new stores because so much of their business is now online. The Limited, for example, Next, malls are closing all over the country, even some of the former gems are now derelict.Times change. And finally, as the income level of any particular area declines, so do the retail offerings. Sad, but true.