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Killing obesity without coercion

Top-down culture change only works in North Korea, says the head of a group of local CEOs that is working broadly and subtly, not tyrannically, to improve Indy's culture of eating and exercising.
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The Billion Dollar Decision

When the U.S. Supreme Court hands down its ruling on Obamacare’s tax credits, it could zap nearly $1 billion from Hoosiers’ finances. In fact, Hoosiers buyers on Obamacare's exchanges have more to lose, as a percentage of their incomes, than the residents of all states other than Alaska and Mississippi.
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Hoosier hospitals create new tool to help health care shoppers

Recognizing that more and more Hoosier patients are trying to shop for health care, the Indiana Hospital Association has created a web tool with price and quality information for all hospitals around the state. But bigger changes to the health care system will be needed before consumers have the kind of information they expect in other industries.
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Hoosiers accuse Anthem of 'unjust enrichment'

The reason competition is so low and prices so high in Indiana’s health insurance market is that Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has participated in a vast conspiracy to inflate prices, according a federal lawsuit that Anthem called "baseless."
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Regrets of ending an employer health plan

This spring, Keith Pitzele ended his company’s health plan and sent his workers to the Obamacare exchange. It was a bumpy experience he’s glad he won’t have to repeat next year. Does that mean most employers won't follow suit?
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