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Most drug money in Indiana funds research. Is that good?

With federal research funding declining, drug companies are taking a larger role funding the medical research happening at IU and universities around the country. That's not the same thing as paying to market drugs, but it's hardly without controversy.
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Doctors' drug money

Indiana physicians and research organizations reaped more than $25 million in payments from 15 pharmaceutical firms in 2012, according to the most recent data made available by the not-for-profit group ProPublica. Lilly was the biggest spender and the IU medical school was the biggest recipient.
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A silver lining for Endocyte

The news this morning couldn’t have been worse for Endocyte Inc. But if it had to come, the timing couldn’t have been better--because it allowed Endocyte to raise a pile of cash to spend on the other drugs in its pipeline.
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BioCrossroads drops dreams for hospital innovation

In this age of austerity, there's almost no chance of Indianapolis hospitals creating a Cleveland Clinic-like hub of innovation.
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