Tire troubles could blow out IMS

May 28, 2009
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tiresMost recall Indianapolis Motor Speedway boss Tony George’s proclamation following last year’s Brickyard 400 NASCAR race. George said the problems that plagued the Goodyear tires on the fendered cars were issues for NASCAR and Goodyear to handle. It was not the IMS’ problem, he added.

I wonder how he feels about that now. Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity at 16th and Georgetown, which included a report by SpeedTV that George had been removed as Speedway boss. George held an impromptu press conference in front of the IMS about an hour after the news broke, denying the report. More than three hours after George’s appearance, Speedway officials issued an official press release which said in part  “... board members asked Tony George, chief executive officer of the IMS companies, to devise a plan for management ... that would allow him to focus on the business which requires the greatest attention. This plan is to be presented to the board at a meeting later this year.”

It sounds an awful lot like a transition plan is in the works. Executives within the IMS and Indy Racing League told me yesterday that changes are coming. It’s safe to say Speedway operations are under greater scrutiny now than ever.

That brings us to the Brickyard 400, which is set for July 26. The Brickyard has been a big financial boost to the IMS since it began in 1994, netting more than $35 million annually, according to motorsports business experts. A good bit of that has helped off-set costs for the Indy Racing League, which by George’s own admission hasn’t made a dime since its founding in 1996.

Speedway officials told IBJ in December that 2009 Brickyard 400 ticket renewals were way down and were in part why the Speedway laid off employees shortly before year’s end. Ticket sales for the Brickyard 400 were down significantly more than the Indianapolis 500. The bad economy is no doubt part of the equation, but last year’s tire troubles didn’t help. It seems like the IMS has a lot to gain by working with NASCAR and Goodyear to solve these problems.

Last year, the race was yellow flagged every nine laps to avoid tire blowouts, in what many called the worst NASCAR race of the year. NASCAR officials told IBJ the problem is not completely solved. Recent tire tests showed the Goodyear tires might last 15 to 25 laps depending on the weather.

Twenty five laps is optimistic. One NASCAR insider said “one good rain” shortly before the race could wash all the rubber out of the racing groove and cause big problems with the race yet again. There is one more tire test scheduled before this year’s Brickyard 400, where Goodyear will continue to wrestle with the rubber compound mix.

Tony George deserves a lot of credit for bringing NASCAR to the famed Speedway. Now he needs to assure the event remains the economic boon it has traditionally been.

If this problem isn’t solved by race day, there may be another IMS board meeting sooner rather than later to address George’s and the track’s future.
  • Way down, that does not sound good. If IMS admit the tickets are way down....then it really must be bad.
  • So, what is TG supposed to do? He makes the track available to the tire companies for testing.
  • Last year's Birckyard was the worst NASCAR race in history. Nobody will pay to see another yellow flag fiasco this year.
  • Seems funny that Firestone has made tire problems in IndyCar nearly extinct. Goodyear and nascar - what the heck is up???
  • If I was Firestone...I'd be selling a solution to NASCAR maybe through the Speedway.
  • The NASCAR race at IMS will be good once Humpy Wheeler Homesteads it and puts 20 degrees banking in the corners.
  • Anthony, why would it be Tony's problem, now that he is no longer track CEO.
  • Why should Tony care what happens at the track, now that he isn't getting its money to prop up his failed racing league?
  • Wah, wah, wah, why should Tony........wah, wah, wah, why would it be Tony's......? Same old crocodile tears from dear old SSD.
  • To all the Salescar idiots that think this is an IMS problem,that means this so called writer. Goodyear needs to step up and build a quality tire, last I checked IMS isn't in the Tire business. How does Firestone build a tire that has no issues in F1 and Indycar at this track??

    This article like all articles he writes shows an incredible disdain for all things IMS.

    I suggest you all with IMS problems dont follow what happens there.
  • Tony Stewart was right: bring in Firestone. Bridgestone/Firestone didn't have problems at Indy (in either F-1 or IndyCar). Michelin and Goodyear apparently don't want to spend the money to do it right.
  • Here is a solution that would be more entertaining: run the tin-tops on the road course!

    With the two long straights, there would be passing every lap. The road course tires should hold up, and the only ticket holders you would have to worry about moving would be in T3 (which shouldn't be too difficult is sales are so down).

    The stock cars are too boring on the oval. Make it a better show!
  • I agree. Goodyear has had a year to fix the tires including testing. This isn't the only track they've had problems with. Nascar needs to give Goodyear an ultimatum or just switch (though Firestone focusing on Nascar would hurt IRL marketing efforts).

    Its not IMS' fault Goodyear can't adjust their tires to the Car of Tomorrow.
  • They need to drop this dawg of a race and send the Boogity-Boogity-Boogity Bozos back to the shine mill up thar in the holler. Next up, they need to get a sports car race in there on the road course. Indy is too classy for the rednecks anyhow. NASCAR, no matter what anybody says, is a hickabilly sport. Infy 500, sports cars, and bikes. And get ready for Indy to be a lower cost series and race with maybe 175 to 200,000 the usual crowd, so take some of those junky bleachers in the turn out. Plant some trees there. It can work. The place is overbuilt for the modern reality that Indy ain't what she used to be. And the goofy F1 garages? Take those out too.
  • Their management situation is theirs to work out. As for the opening of this article,..well, Goodyear is a NASCAR subcontractor. It is Goodyear's problem and NASCAR's problem. Blaming IMS and George for inadequate and dangerous equipment is like blaming Conseco because the Pacers haven't made the playoffs. I'm not really a big race fan but I do appreciate the successful work and the co's own bankroll that has accomplished the physical plant improvements and in bringing the IRL this far. If you noticed, FIRESTONE handles the IRL-not Bad-year. Nascar is reaping its just rewards for trying to go corporate and putting everyone to sleep.
  • Hey berwick, call me when you and iMan are about to head off to Shanghai for the next new indycar race. I'll give you the name of a great hotel to stay in.
  • F-1 and NASCAR have both have problems at the track. It's not only a Goodyear problem. The COT, setups, tires and the diamond plating of the track all contribute to the problem. However a simple repave and track fix in the 2nd turn would solve all of the problems and TG refused to do so. Maybe Humpy will fix it.
  • SSD,

    Are you still waiting for the second coming of cart? Or actually this would be like the fourth or fifth coming.


    Amazing that Firestone has no issues. And If I remember correctly, wasn't the diamond grinding a few years ago? So how would that affect only last years race.

    I am thinking Hoosier Tire should get back into the NASCAR series. They had great tires, just were outspent by Goodyear.
  • The cabs should just leave IMS and run Sparta instead. It's a win all around - the Hulman-George crime family gets zero revenue to prop up their fraud, and the cabs end up somewhere that wants them and will sell out.

    Within a few years, IMS should be a paved over memory. And what a glorious day that would be. :D
  • Nascar's tire problem started with the Car of Tomorrow. It sits up higher and thus puts more pressure on the right-side tires. It is Nascar's and Goodyear's responsibilty to find a way to adapt to the track. The IMS resurfaced the track in 2002 with a system called diamond grinding to make as smooth as possible. Nascar was able to run on it with no problems until they introduced the CoT.
  • Indyman, like someone said at a recent irl race, Look around you boy, you are at a CART race. Penske, Gonadsi, Andretti, Green, Dale Coyne, etc, etc, etc... Indyman, a bonified CART fan. Hahaha

    Basketball is getting RECORD NUMBERS.
    Fourth Game Of Nuggets-Lakers Dunks Most NBA Viewers Ever On Cable

    The series is tight and the Nielsen records keep falling.
    ESPN's coverage of Game 4 of the Western Conference finals in which the Denver Nuggets knotted their series with the Los Angeles Lakers netted a 6.9 rating, 6.75 million households and 9.88 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research data. That made it the most-viewed National Basketball Association game ever on cable and the top program for the medium in 2009, according to officials at the total sports network.

    Through its 17 NBA playoff telecasts ESPN has averaged 4.43 million viewers, up 16% over last season's 19 telecasts (3.82 million). The corresponding 3.3 million households represents a 12% jump from 2.95 million households last season, while the 3.4 rating average is up 10% (3.1 rating).

    NHL Fan Loyalty Gives Savvy Advertisers a Power Play | Nielsen Wire

    Viewership levels for the NHL playoffs are up compared to last year on both VERSUS and NBC, a trend that may continue with a Stanley Cup Finals featuring two hockey crazed cities, Detroit and Pittsburgh, and one of the NHL’s brightest stars, the Penguins’ Sidney Crosby.

    Ok, OK, Toney's leeg is setting Nielsen records as well, NEGATIVE records. Hahaha serves you neo-CART street race fans right.
  • Stan, there is no need for NASCAR at the hickyard now that TOney doesn't have access to the race profits.
  • The bag-biters continue to blow ill will.......
  • The bag-biters continue to blow ill will…….

    What does Mary Hulman George have to do with tire failures?
  • Amazing that Firestone has no issues

    Does Firestone make a Cup tire? How much more does a COT weigh than a crapwagon? The diamond plating was done specifically for the crapwagon.
  • Don't speak too soon about Firestone:

    Tire issues at mindy
    I do know from radio transmissions that once they got into traffic and the track had heated up the tires starting gumming up on them for lack of a better word. Not sure if that is a camber issue or not. Several teams were reporting the issue and that passing was impossible b/c of said issue.
  • more good news from ims


    Tony George: Not good for business. :lol:
  • Quoting Stan: Within a few years, IMS should be a paved over memory. And what a glorious day that would be.

    How could that ever be a glorious day for the city of Indianapolis? I wish you had the balls to use your real name when you say things like that.
  • I have a question that pertains to the discussion more than the article:

    What's up with using inappropriate capitals and purposefully mispelling words in their comments? For example---TOney----

    I'm being serious here, could you explain what point you were trying to make by doing this?
  • NASCAR should leave IMS and go somewhere interesting. IndiaNOPLACE is just a wide spot in the middle of a corn field. See how long IMS will last without the money that NASCAR brings in. It won't last long with just that silly little go-kart race it holds on Memorial Day weekend.
  • SSD,

    And NASCAR is down 12% to 18% over last year.

    No, if we were watching cart, we would be watching nothing. Cart would be gone with or without the IRL. IF cart were still around, there would maybe be an American somewhere in the series and maybe one or two ovals. There would be about 12 cars, because the costs would be too high to field more. There would be no SAFER Barrier and I guarantee Vito would be lucky to be alive after his crash. But the biggest difference is that the team owners would still be in charge sucking out money, changing rules to benefit themselves and not the series or the fans.

    You do realize that Penskes and Andrettis were around before cart, right? You do realize that cart did its best to drive off American drivers. Jeff Gordon tried to get a ride but could not find a cart team to give him a chance. Tony Stewart would have never run Open Wheel if not for the IRL. Cart had no need for a talented American with no sponsors. Same can be said for Sam Hornish, Danica, and many others.
  • The level of inteligence around here is dropping with every day. I guess the TG/IRL haters really worked themselves in a frenzy and now are suffering the hangover when Robin Miller was found to be devestatingly wrong.

    GA, you do realize IMS makes more money off of the 500 than they do the 400, right? Look it up, prove me wrong.
  • hahaha indyman, cart in its heyday never spent 600 million to fail like your hero TOney has. you are right tho, your level of intelligence is suspect; you misspelled intelligence BTW
  • TOney has dropped 13 ovals while spending the IRl into oblivion. and what oval is he planning on running in China? try again
  • Indyman,

    I don't believe Miller was incorrect in his assessment and I don't believe the family is being at all candid about what occurred. To me, TG's reponse at his media event was pathetic. Perhaps someone will come on board that can overtake the inane actions of this family gone bad. I would like to hold out hope here.

    George Anthony,

    Where in the name of good sense do you get off with your dufus attitude? Are you stuck in the 70's? And you apparently have no idea of all the things that have occurred to Indy in recent year to make it a vibrant, lively, action packed city to be proud of. Perhaps you should go back to your Rip Van Winkle hiding place and slap yourself silly until you wake up from your drunken stupor, if that's what it is.
  • SSD,

    There, you did it again- TOney. I'm really not that versed in internet decorum, could you help me out?
  • RU you trying 2b this blog's Noah Webster?
  • why don't so called IRl fans support their beloved series? I mean all TOney has done is condense, condense, condense. Take for instance the normal 3 day race weekend. Now because of a lack of fan support they don't even open on Friday anymore. You guys are the reason why the Three Days of Speed concept has been condensed to 3 hours of shizzle. tsk tsk
  • No, not at all. You are obviously trying to make a point by using mispelling and unneeded capitalisation, what exactly is that point?
  • Indyman, some of your points are why we no longer care for the current AOWR, all of them are responsible for its demise. That's why we are not fans of its current incarnation. When they all die off or leave, then we will think about giving what comes next a try.
  • SSD,

    RU you trying 2b this blog’s Noah Webster?

    you are right tho, your level of intelligence is suspect; you misspelled intelligence BTW

    Pot, Kettle, Kettle pot.

    Take for instance the normal 3 day race weekend. Now because of a lack of fan support they don’t even open on Friday anymore.?

    Isn't Carb Day on Friday? How condensed would cart have had Indy if not for the IRL, one weekend only?

    TOney has dropped 13 ovals while spending the IRl into oblivion. How many ovals did cart have at the end? How many would they have now if they still existed?

    hahaha indyman, cart in its heyday never spent 600 million to fail like your hero TOney has. Depends on where you get your numbers from. I have seen credible sources say that number is one third of what you claim. The key is, it was his money. How much of other peoples money did cart throw away? How much money did you invest in cart and lose? cart=madoff?
  • Dana, are you part of some IMS mafia or something? Should Stan be skeart?
  • Obviously it the family thinks differently about whose money it was.
  • Well let's see. CART wouldn't have condensed Indy to 3.9; CART had indy at 9 &10. CART
  • Yo Indyman, a word to your Mutha:

    Main Entry:
    variant of though
    While never extremely common, tho and thru have a long history of occasional use as spelling variants of though and through. Their greatest popularity occurred in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when their adoption was advocated by spelling reformers. Their current use occurs chiefly in informal writing (as in personal letters) and in some technical journals.

    Stick around, you could learn a lot.
  • Today is Friday, IRl is in Milwaukee, no on track activities scheduled.

    April 24th was a Friday, the IRl was at Kansas, no on track activities scheduled.

    Looking thru (see above explanation) the schedule, the only Friday activity is for Saturday races and for those CART street parades the IRl is in love with.
  • Not part of any mafia, I just thought that what he said was pretty extreme.

    Remember, the Speedway, whether you agree with the owners or not, pays a lot of taxes every year.

    Why would someone living in Marion county want that to go away? How could that be glorious?

    I'm not a Colts fan. I wouldn't want them to move away, no matter how badly the whole stadium issue is taken care of. They are too important to the city.
  • The Red Wings' series-clinching overtime win over the Blackhawks drew a 2.1 cable rating and 2.3 million viewers on Versus Wednesday night, the most-watched program ever on Versus in terms of households

    So much for the notion that it's the Versus network's market penetration that's to blame for the IRL's abysmal Nielsen ratings.

    The only hope for the IRl is for Danica to have her own litter of kids:
    At the other end, a cable show about a bitchy harpy and her litter of 8 kids had over 9.8 million viewers on Monday. A cable show.
  • Cart had no need for a talented American with no sponsors

    CART is gone, remember? You are fascinated by CART. Hilarious. How many Americans won races in CART in 1995 and how many will win races in the IRL this year? And Sam Hornish is the biggest joke in OW in the last 30 years... a no talent ride buyer using Daddy's money. He is a joke in Cup....
  • You're right, Penske is horrible at spotting talent. That's why he never wins.
  • SSD,

    Oh where to begin. I do not care that you mix uncommon and improper terms tho with text terms ur, my point is it is ironic that you questioned if someone was going to be the next noah webster right after you corrected my spelling. Pay attention.

    What is carts ratings now? Again, answer the question, how did cart fail if all it lost in the split was one race?

    I don't think I have ever said the ratings issue was Vs. penetration, although that is some of it. The big thing is letting people know the IRL is on Vs. It will be interesting to see if the ratings get a boost after Indy.
  • Cart had no need for a talented American with no sponsors Yep, you are right. Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon are certainly no talents. Wow, your posts get more entertaining all of the time.
  • well you questioned the level of inteligence around here by misspelling intelligence. back at ya
  • TOneys version of CART got a record 3.9 Sunday. Last month at Kansas 99.85 Nielsen point viewers weren't watching TOneys version of CART. Shall I continue.
  • penske's only thrill from winning indy is that he can put a new license plate on his truck with 15. that's what he said when asked.
  • Why is TOney's league failing with the race? Answer that
  • SouthSideDave - Isn't there something else you should be doing right now? And take George Anthony with you. No reason for GA to attack Indy, other that to get a thrill from others reacting to his drivel. Go away.
  • Yes, I'm concerned that TOney has let his version of CART fall so low as to not have practice and qualifying on TV this weekend. I mean if Versus can't bump those high market value fishin' shows and the National Speeling Bee is on ESPNdose all afternoon and wimmins softball is on ESPN and Paid advertisement is on the ABC affiliate why can't TOney's version of CART be on? I'm launching a campaign to have such things rectified.

    Oh, as an aside, Robin Miller saved TOney his job by making the fam backtrack on its decision. I think all you place fans should send Mr. Miller a thank you gift.
  • All of this CART talk...the next thing you know we will be bring up the history of USAC and addressing how great they were before CART. Life is for the living.
  • There's that TOney again. Why?
  • George confirmed this week that his wife, Laura, was removed from her position as staff adviser of Indianapolis Motor Speedway earlier this month.
  • Where is Jan?
  • Jan, you indy shills always claimed that Toney's league would get any fans that stopped watching NASCAR. Where's the beef?
  • 16oz Heineken. :lol:

    This is a funny thread.
  • Milwaukee will be the 14th oval TOney George has lost in his quest to destroy American Open Wheel Racing

  • The stands look pretty full for the race. Thanks for sharing the picture from practice.
  • Steve Gregory
    Milk 'N' Donuts
    'nuff said...
  • Ah yes, the TG/IRL haters duck and dodge, but they can only do so for so long. Is the IRL where cart was in popularity and attendance in the early '90's? No, not even close. But where is cart now? The loss of one race doomed it to multiple failures? Or did their business model finally catch up with them? I believe the latter and would love for you cart fans to show me otherwise.

    Again, the only reason to bring up cart at this juncture is to show what we would be looking at without the IRL. Sorry, but it keeps coming back to the fact that cart failed because its business model sucked. That would have been with or without the IRL. At least there was something to take its place.
  • SSD,

    Not really sure how a typo on a blog equates to someones intelligence, but if it makes you feel superior, then have fun. I prefer to concentrate on the discussion. Kind of seems like you are grasping at straws.
  • Good article for IRL fans to read:


    Sorry, Indyman, I remain a fan of IndyCar and want nothing more than success for those involved, but I have become convinced by recent events that TG is more of a problem than he is a solution.
  • Berwick,

    No reason to apologize for your opinion. I have never said TG had it all right, or that he was the messiah that would lead us to OW Heaven. I will agree with the article that Cart was the most popular series going. But again the question no one here, nor the author of that blog has explained, is if it was such a great series, what caused it to fail three times with just the loss of one race? Cart was failing. I think there were smoke and mirrors that hid the fact that its business model and management structure were bound to failure. Again, if NASCAR lost Daytona, or Taladega or Lowes, would the series fail within 6 years? The question is did the IRL cause cart to fail, or was cart going to fail regardless. I say it would have failed regardless.

    TG did what was necessary. He provided an alternative for OW. He saw the writing on the wall. As with my Irsay analogy, I think TG needs help to move on to the next level.

    I keep hearing this AJ quote. Anyone have a link to it? All I can find is references to it on blogs. Starting to sound like an Urban Legend. If he did say it, when and what was the context. I can take any comment out of context and make it say what I want.

    Actually I kind of like having you argue the other side. Finally we can get some intelligent discussion. I may not convince you, you may not convince me, but at least the facts and opinions get discussed without name calling.
  • I think that one reason CART did so poorly was the lack of a true leader. F1 and NASCAR have always had one leader, one person to steer the ship. Whether the ship went well or not, there was direction.

    It always seemed that post-split CART had several agendas from its different leaders, which is perhaps illustrated by what they have persued post-CART. One is out of the sport, one has gone back to Trans-Am, and one has come to the IRL.

    Maybe TG isn't the true leader that Indy Car racing needs, but it seems better than three leaders that Indy Car racing doesn't need.
  • Dana and Indyman:

    You are both point-on regarding leadership. What could I give TG credit for? The safer-barrier, a car that is safe for the drivers, looking outside the box to bring in additional venues and revenue to IMS, embracing alternative fuels, making IMS more of a world-class facility, second to none. Yes, and some of those decisions backfired. Additionally, he's not enough of a notable promoter to even get credit for some of his decisions. How often does nascar take credit for things TG has done. Way too many times!

    But for those reasons and others, that is why his vision has become blurred and he is more of a liability to the sport than he is an asset. We see the nervousness of the IRL teams attempting to hold on to his coattails, because without TG, many of them are done. They've grown accustomed to being spoon fed. How much of that was due to cart/chump car on the other hand? If you ask me, they were worse than the hand we've been dealt.

    But here we are at a crossroads. Can this disfunctional , semi delusional family and board possibly find someone with the qualities that could bring the sport together in the way it should be, to make the changes necessary and to get the tilting ship righted? I don't know without TG's input that they would or could make that decision. So, whom would he look toward?

    R Miller says it should be Tony Cotman and that he's the guy that the coummunity could respect. I don't hear any of the hate mongers throwing out ideas other than the venom they borrowed from Marco Andretti's sponsor.

    It's a crucial time right now for tough decisions to be made. Fence sitting by that insipid board will bring potential, deadly harm to a sport that is VASTLY in need of leadership, boldness, stamina, strong ethics, and moxie. We have five family members and one attorney that basicaly will be deciding the future of open wheel racing in the USA. How in the name of good sense is that better than the late, grate(as Stan would spell it) cart/chump car? I just don't see anymore that they have what it takes to get it done.
  • Berwick I think you and I are pretty close to agreement. I am not sure I would say the family is as dysfunctional as you say, but most family boards do lack a diversity that is desperately needed. On the other hand, put too many outsiders on a family board and you may lose control of the track. Where would IMS and Indy be without the strong dedication of the Hulman Family to Indy?
  • You're right, it's their golden goose. Unfortunately, their have been too many bad eggs laid of late, open wheel problems, F1 debacle, nascar tire debacle. How many more of these toilet gushers can they withstand? And it seems as if there is no end in sight of funding for a series that doesn't seem to be able to stand on its own. The IRL hired a PR team to find a sponsor. No deals. nascar replaced Busch with Nationwide, Grand Am has Rolex, even drag racing has a sponsor. Doesn't bode well for the future of the IRL. How in the world is TG going to dig himself out of this hole?
  • The F1 and Nascar debacles weren't the fault of IMS, and the money spent to acquire CART last year was more than generous, especially helping the teams out with cars.

    That said, you are right about the title sponsor. We've heard about Subway forever. Will it ever come to fruition? Zak Brown has a better over-all track record than Bob Reif, but we have yet to see results.

    We'll just have to wait and see how the rest of the season goes. Milwaukee looked promising based on the crowd. Some will look at the ratings and say that they are bad. (I have no idea what they were). I guess I'm just a glass half full sort of guy.
  • Izod, already at clearance prices

    IZOD and Macy's

    Yesterday before the race I had to run a few errands on the northside of Indy and decided to go to Castleton Sq. Mall for lunch. While there I stopped in Macy's to see their IZOD IndyCar shirts and they had them reduced 40%. I don't know if all stores have them on sale, but if you are in the Indy area and interested, you might want to run by in the next few days.
  • IndyCar series Sunday, 3:30 0.6 (462,000) ABC

    The comparison: Down 25% from last year.

    The spin on the spin: The Indy Racing League's Milwaukee Mile, in a late Sunday afternoon slot on a broadcast network, winds up with a lower rating than NCAA women's softball tournament games on ESPN.
  • Davey, in case you hadn't noticed, most everything in retail is on sale these days.

    Crowds at events are better, but the interest outside the area of the race just ain't there anymore. Perhaps TG should get Penske to get Tiger Woods in a Dallara. That might help!
  • SSD,

    Meijer put their NASCAR stuff on clearance after the brickyard, does that mean NASCAR is going down the tubes? Most stores clearance items afte the event is over. Obvously you have never been in retail.
  • What's the ratings breakdown for that time slot?
  • Like the indycar fans are only interested in free stuff. free tickets, red hats, etc etc. indycar t shirts at MKE were going for 2.50. TOney is looking to refocus his visions
  • So you are saying Izod is no longer on the VI$ion$ cars. You are saying the Izod promotion was for a limited time and not for the full year as was earlier reported?
  • Word up, Yo. OK, THE Izod stuff wasn't forty percent off. I just received an update: its at 50% off. Even Macy's won't buy the Izod stuff; it is on consignment. hahaha Kinda a like a thrift shop, but nobody is buying the stuff. no wonder Macy's closed a boatload of stores.

    How long did it take Fred to send out the talking points on the latest kerfuffle?
  • NASCAR trucks on the same weekend at the same track got a 0.86 on Speed.
  • Where do you get the ratings? I googled, but couldn't find breakdowns by time slot, etc...
  • No, I am saying Indy is over, so they are clearing out the merchandise to bring in others. A very common marketing technique. Most of those stores should be getting their fall merchandise in by mid june.

    You are grasping at straws, but then again, you are good at that. I am sure the rain today is a sign God does not like TG.
  • Speaking of TG. Apparently he gave AJ some of his kool-aid, because from what Cavin says, Paul Tracy has been replaced by IV. How smart is that?
  • G_D loves TG, his sisters and everyone else thinks he's an <*&%?})*&^$#@

    AJ can't perform his special car setups with all the people around that PT draws

    Dr. Olvey writes:

    According to George, it would not be influenced by either the automakers or the engine companies. It was to be a haven for young American sprint and midget car drivers wishing to break into the big time. In other words, it was an attempt to turn back the sands of time.

    George, I think, had been had by the likes of AJ Foyt, Rick Galles, and Dick Simon, whose teams were no longer competitive in CART. They all wanted to things to be like they were in 60s.

    The general feeling in Indianapolis, according to the Indianapolis Star, was that Roger Penske had driven everyone else in CART out of competition, therefore making the IRL more desirable...

    Dr. Olvey also calls out a NASCAR influence on TG and that CART was outdrawing NASCAR at shared events.
  • You are right iman, Indy is over and the folks at Izod read Miller's piece and realized everything connected with it is over as well. So yeah, CLEARANCE
  • If they read Millers piece, they would realize that yet again he spouts off about things he knows nothing about. But we have come to expect that from him. Sorry, anyone using Robin Miller as a credible source really screwed up on the first part. His hate, like many here, of all things, TG/IRL and IMS blinds any coherent view of reality.
  • TOney is out dude; just because you shill doesn't mean anything you write has any relevance to the truth.

    Indycart series to change hands - eat that

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