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  1. Marshall, The MSA site is prime and should be reserved for a high profile project. The other lot has a 28 story tower about to break ground, so it is possible to have the same on this lot as well. While you are correct we should wait to see a design, the fact remains this firm has not produced anything prominent in my opinion. Look at the Indy Star or their website and you can see for yourself. What is "laughable" is how you fail to see the significance of this site compared to others available. Laughable indeed sir.

  2. This line is by far the most important one in the transit plan, and will connect so many different area attractions. Great for residents, great for tourism, and great for business. Sounds like a win-win-win to me.

  3. Todd, that's just a silly sentiment... let's leave it empty until the time is right for a high rise? This city is far from lacking when it comes to space for a new high rise WHEN one is needed. A well designed, mid-rise and mixed use project would be perfectly appropriate here. Deborah Berke Partners may not be as high profile as the other two candidates but their work is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Let's at least see some renderings before the vultures start to circle, geez.

  4. quit giving this ginger money!

  5. I had exactly the opposite thought that Marshall did about the senator using a street-level office space. My reaction was, "What a great symbol of openness and desire to interact with constituents! Why don't more people do this?" Think of someone who has never reached out to a federal elected official, whether they'd prefer to walk into a place they can see or to disappear into an anonymous-looking office tower full of law offices and financial services. I think it says a lot about Donnelly and his staff that they want to open themselves to more interaction with the people they represent.