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  1. I stand by my comment; there are a lot of twee gift shops and "Me Too!" trendy restaurants, but very few unique places that will draw me out of my way. Mostly, I see Mass Ave as a place full of suburbanites out on a wild night in the city that I have to cross on my way to Fountain Square. Good for the business owners there, btw, I'm glad they're making a pretty good go of it. To me though, "booming" is synonymous with "past it's prime".

  2. Local programming will be key for WISH TV as a former staff member of former low power WAV TV 53 a Hoosier Radio and TV (Bill Shirk) station back in the 90's. We were successful with local programs, sports, Shopping shows, movies and national programs that were available WISH will truly have to partner with the community and be a community station to be successful.

  3. I'm think a gate and a follow up fence are a great idea - as long as we can use them to keep Mr. Pence locked in at home ams not taking steps to further ruin or great state.

  4. Miss Iac, Betty King, and for me, Connie Jost, an incredible arts trio at Wildwood High in the 80's.

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