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  2. better turn off the CNBC, NBC MSNBC if you want to get any honest new

  3. All these private sector jobs are crappy jobs, lol. Such liars!

  4. Every consumer in Indiana (and all states for that matter) needs to be aware that if the licensing for cosmetology goes away, the health and safety of consumers will be severely compromised. These individuals are trained for a reason -- on how to properly cut hair, how to mix hair chemicals etc. properly, how to safely give facials, manicures, pedicures, etc etc. Every consumer needs to make sure their voice is heard that this needs to stay!

  5. If a "Christian" group in Atlanta is willing to hire a man that has been so extremely self-serving in our legislature, it makes me wonder what the Atlanta group has in mind. Are they also building long term care facilities and want his expertise at convincing the Georgia legislature to help their group? Most likely!