Chelsea Clinton's response

March 26, 2008
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Chelsea Clinton has been widely praised for her response to a question at Butler University yesterday about how Monica Lewinsky might have affected her motherâ??s candidacy for president.

â??I donâ??t think that is any of your business,â?? Chelsea Clinton shot back.

The Lewinsky saga probably caused more pain for Chelsea than any of us can imagine, and who doesnâ??t want to move on from an incident that happened more than a decade ago. After all, the nation faces truly serious problems.

Yet, was her response the best one? The answer seemed to imply that questions about events that affect political candidates are off limits.

Should she instead have said something along the lines of, â??That happened a long time ago and itâ??s in the past. This campaign is looking to the future.â??

What do you think?
  • I feel that it wasn't a thought out response.......more emotional, or honest even.......She could have been more PC about it by offering the above rebuttal, but it added a dash of humanity to the Clinton family....and the Hillary campaign
  • My immediate reaction from the clip was that she (Chelsea) was a bit terse. She could have said it was personal and she'd rather not address it or Norm's recommended statement. I didn't take the questioner as having a malicious intent.

    Chelsea was young at the time of the incident and the affect on her is understandably great. However, welcome to presidential politics. If you're going to have your 20-something kid stump for you in front college kids and other 20-somethings, then she may be asked personal and/or tough questions. She can choose to answer them or not. But, she should be prepared to at least address a question like that. Otherwise, she might as well say vote for my mom... just because she's my mom and she's really nice. What kid doesn't think that?!!! Young people Chelsea's age are running for local and statewide offices. Chelsea has grown up in a political family (Dad AND Mom). So, I guess I expect a little more polish from her.
  • Her comment was rigth on. That little wise-a** that asked her that question is the same type that will voting for Obama in the fall. These college kids think they are so smart. Little do they know, they have assured a Republican win.
  • You're absolutely right Kim. These kids are falling for a good speech and signs that say CHANGE. A first term Senator that has the most liberal voting record ever. He is appealing to three groups. One, the college kids with no experience in business, two the upper income liberals that live in a fantasy world, and three the black community because he is Black.
  • What a Butler punk. Typical.
  • If you can't stand the heat, get out of the Kitchen.

    A favorite saying of Harry S. Truman
  • Her response was completely typical. Any young adult which has experienced a family affair such as this and then publicly have it displayed for all, would leave the children a little raw. I have always wondered how she felt, but never wanted to persue the subject.

    This is another case of Don't vote for so-n-so because of who they are associated with Some may see Chelsea either as a spoiled little brat with no social skills because she didn't answer a question with a PC answer. I just see her as a normal human which reacts to a situation like anyone who has not actually addressed a family issue. It doesn't matter if it was a year ago, 10 years ago or longer, when someone goes through a situation like this, it affects more than just the person going through it, it affects the relationship as well as any family members that are very close (children, grandchildren, etc...)

    Sometimes we fail to see that politicians and their families are average human-beings who may slip up or react with natural emotions every so often. If you don't like the answer, don't ask the question.
  • Isn't that why you ask the see whether you like the answer or not? Then make a rational decision from there?

    Thats kind of like saying, if you don't want to know the truth, just remain ignorant and don't ask, This is the core of the Clinton campaign, keep it vague...then just back fill the rest of the speech with lofty promises..blah blah health care for everyone, blah blah, experience, global warming...
  • I thought his question was fine and that Chelsea should've been prepared with an answer. I'm sorry, but if if were truly personal, then the president of the United States wouldn't have been on trial about it. If she's going to put herself out there for her mother, she should expect difficult questions. Honestly, one of my issues with Hillary, and there are several, was how she handled Bill's affair. Personally, to me, it seems any strong, independent woman, would not tolerate that behavior and walk away. I mean, come on, was it his first time or his last? I doubt it. I can't imagine a woman like Hillary staying with someone like that, unless she was to gain from it. The fact is, people generally like Bill. Many people, myself included, don't like Hillary. I would've had more respect for her if she had walked away from him, rather than taking the Stand by your man approach. My opinion of Hillary is that she wants to be president so badly, that she'll say and do anything to get there - and that it has nothing to do with the job itself. She is ambition personified - but is she really human?
  • What's funny is, no one's even talking about the question itself. I had to dig a bit to even find out what was asked. Most media only focused on her dismissive response.

    Chelsea was asked: What is your opinion on the criticism of your mother that how she handled the Lewinsky scandal might be a sign of weakness and she might not be a strong enough candidate to be president?

    The question was completely valid and her defensive response was emotionally out of proportion. It was actually asked by a Clinton supporter that later said It's not something I asked to cause trouble but to show those people what makes Hillary so strong.

    I read it as further evidence of the Clinton family's bloated sense of entitlement to the Democratic nomination. They can't believe anyone would dare bring up the past, and can't believe someone is actually beating them.
  • Good and appropriate question. Good, and appropriate response.

    The campaign trail, especially THIS one, can get rough. Somewhere along the line, a question like that should be expected.

    Ask Chelsea all you want, but she made it clear, for her, this was personal -- not gonna' talk about it. (Altho I was surprised she was so indignant that someone would even ask.)
  • Why isn't anyone asking Obama the tought questions? Like; 1) why isn't there anything on your web site about affirmative action? 2) what is the date all troops will be out of Iraq? 3) What will your insurance plan cost me? 4) Are you planning on raising the capital gains tax? 5) what are you plannig to accomplish the first 100 days? 6) who is you VP choice? and why haven't you announced it. Jessie Jackson? 7) how many minorities will you have in your cabinet? 8) what is your position on taxes for wage earners over $100,000?
  • Bob, why ask all these questions? It will only take one question for Obama from McCain. Here it is. 1) If, after elected, you have conclusive evidence where Osama Bin Laden is located in Pakistan, would you order U.S. troops to go in and get him? Wake up america. Obama's answer would be no.
  • This went from being about Chelsea's response (according to the subject of the blog) to a off beat attempts at designing a McCain attack strategy on... Barack?!!

    Interesting post, Bob. Of the 8 questions you posed, 3 of them are about minorities. You know the answer to #6, but you seem to think it's funny to equate Jesse and Barack. You also know the answer to your question #7. If it will help you (and your stale sense of humor), NO candidate for the party's nomination will build their cabinet nor announce their VP at this stage. (Am I helping to legitimize your joke and to assist in the attempt to be witty)? I assume you make more than $100k (which may be proof that bigots can come in multiple income categories) and that's the reason for question #8. Perhaps on your internal clock it's 1955 but I assure you that the rest of the country is moving forward and you need to adjust your personal clock.

    Tony, just in case I missed something... didn't Barack say he supports selective bombing the region between Iraq and Pakistan and a few days later, we did just that?
  • Her response was poor - it anyone's business who pays taxes. I believe many of her father's indiscretions with Lewinsky occurred in the White House - a property that is financially supported by our tax dollars. Her response, her father's disregard for telling the truth and blatant disregard for his responsibilities in the white house indicate the attitude of today's politician's which is a lack of accountability to those they supposedly serve - the tax payers aka US citizens - you and I.
  • I don't see what the relevance was with the question, especially from a college audience....there is no question he was looking to make news, and perhaps she was a bit caustic....but she has a right to her opinion, and it really is not his business to know what she personally feels on an issue this sensitive.
    Ask the Butler student how many people his mother slept with before she married his father......

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