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  1. I loved the sign out front that updated the numbers every year but missed one minor detail. It's pretty clear they spent plenty of money on the flash (fountain, tvs etc.) and not as much on other things.

  2. I second what Kent said. I've even reported the debris in those bike lanes to the Mayor's Action Center a couple of times to no avail. I would also like to see the city install the green lane surface color at certain intersections where the right turn lane crosses the bike lane (New York @ Emerson & Michigan @ College).

  3. I really appreciate you all reading and sharing your questions/answers. You're right about the 146th/37 project, Elena. Here's what I have written about Jaggers: I haven't heard anything about Noodles lately, but I'll keep an eye out.(And I fixed my fat-finger mistake on the location of Fishers Marketplace, Brandon.)

  4. I think the new construction on 146th by marsh is a new restaurant called Jagger. I saw it written on the side of some construction material.

  5. [quote]Boles pointed out that “about a dozen tracks” that host NASCAR races have decreased seating capacity. Even the famed Daytona International Speedway is downsizing from 147,000 seats to 101,000 as it is renovated. The IMS doesn’t have the option to remove seats because many are permanent and needed for the Indy 500 in May. [/quote] ---------- The ims has been removing seats to mask their dropping 500 attendance for the past couple years. :roll: