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  1. 1/2 of the odd couple!

  2. The unemployment rate is figured by 5months out of work. After the 5 months you drop off of the state unemployment list. FALSE FIGURE! but makes the governor look good

  3. ITT has been using the Federal Government and their various student loan programs for years to generate huge sums of cash from which their Executives have reaped millions of dollars in salaries over the years. The Federal Government should have shut them down years ago, but for ITT's ability to use Sallie Mae and later private lenders, they managed to keep afloat their so called educational system. This company will soon be out of business and its none too soon!

  4. Why is it my democrat liberal friends cant win elections in Indiana? Why is it that Mike Pence is our governor! this state sucks! we are so backwards! waaaaaaaaa waaaaaa! I sooooo want to move to Detroit and enjoy the Dirty created by my friends.

  5. From other articles about this project and the first farm, the panels are 280W each and are listed at $140 each from Alibaba, and for 37 thousand of them, I'm sure they're getting a discount. It doesn't take $560 in labor for a properly equipped crew to install one this scale on clear land the work goes pretty fast, and this farm is projected to be done by years end. 37K panels up in less than 3 months. Indy Airport Solar Partners II LLC is not paying anything close to residential retail for this, but they're clearly pricing the project that way to drive the federal taxpayer kickback so high as to cover their entire cost instead of 30%, and the triple rate for the power is just sticking it to the taxpayer for unreliable power that must be backed up by a gas plant that runs 24/7 and produces cheaper power. Thorium is not technologically challenged, as prototypes were run in the 60's for several years. They are politically shelved.