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  1. Reading the findings of the related court case and then digging into the FAA site itself quickly confirms that the "regulation" being referred to is nothing more than a policy statement. The FAA is required to follow a process before they can start pronouncing laws and it appears they have failed to do so, based on the courts ruling. I do know there are strict rules about anything being high enough to interfere with air traffic, and there are other regulations concerning privacy and private property that would apply to airspace above the property as well. These existing rules will require prudence, and liability risks will need to be carefully considered when operating the unmanned craft. If Mr. Muffley and the crew at Fat Atom are willing to take on the risk, have at it. I think it is a great tool if used with responsible respect for the (actual) law and appropriate safety considerations.

  2. I hate it already! Can't we get some decent architecture in this city for a change? The windows will be too small, and it'll have that ridiculous angled cap that all the new buildings have, and what about curves for a change? This is the WORST building I've ever not seen! I can't believe the city planners would approve a gawdawful building like I imagine this one will be! And who has time to design this building when there's already so much crime in Broad Ripple! Where are the priorities?! Maybe we should call it Ballard Ripple?

  3. I received poor to zero customer service from HHGregg after purchasing 3 appliances at once.It appears that HHGregg treats customers and staff the same-badly.

  4. If I pull you over on a moped going 42 you'll wind up with at least 2 tickets. Your DUI-mobile will get towed and if your license is suspended you're going to jail.

  5. Great idea confused! Teach the homeless to dance for money. Can we do that? That would be awesome.