Colts fans sweating it out

October 13, 2008
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lucasLucas Oil Stadium yesterday afternoon was too hot to handle for some Indianapolis Colts fans—and even players. And I’m not talking about the action on the field.

While the Colts were getting their first victory yesterday at their new home, many fans were sweating it out, especially those who were baking in a stream of sunlight that came through the opened roof. Hundreds of fans vacated their seats on the north end of the stadium during the game’s second half, complaining about the heat and lack of circulation. Some watched the game from the shaded consourse, while others headed home early. One fan said the temperature was “barely tolerable.”

Not even opening the roof the night before the game and opening the large window on the north end helped bring the temps in the retractable roof facility below 90 degrees in many spectator seating areas. Some of the Colts coaches complained about the heat on the field and sidelines. Players used misters to cool themselves down. Colts Coach Tony Dungy reportedly told CBS commentators calling the game that he would like more input on when the roof is opened or closed.

Granted, the temperatures this weekend were unseasonably warm, but Colts and stadium officials seem to have a pretty serious issue with respect to the temperature to address.

  • Alright, we need to settle this once and for all.

    As a die-hard Colts fan and an informed Sports Fan, I cannot let Colts fans complain or bark about Conditions inside either a Retractable Roof Stadium or somehow a Dome.

    The Football conditions we have had for 25 years and will have likely forever are pretty much as cushioned and ideal (depending on what you consider ideal for football) as any city in the NFL.

    No snow, no rain, little to no wind, just Sun, Stars, maybe Overcast, and a Roof.

    80 and Sunny and people were complaining... Colts fans, Really? Seriously?

    I really hope next weeks opponents (Green Bay) fans don't get ahold of the brazen move by us to even discuss Weather Conditions especially given the Temps they had to endure during last years NFC Championship.

    I welcome the Sun like yesterday and love the Cold Temps in the Winter tailgating. I'd even welcome leaving the roof open when it gets down into the 30s and 40s as long as it's dry (no drainage in Stadium).

    Keep in mind what many of you fringe fans would be saying if we were outdoors and Mother Nature threw us a 10 degree freeze fest like Lambeau, Soldier Field, Gillette, Meadowlands, or Buffalo.

    A little Sun and Heat is hardly anything to complain about Colts fans when you are moping up a rival by 30 points.
  • I have to agree with CC on this one. From talking with fans prior to and during the game, I believe there would have been a lot more upset customers had the roof been closed on a beautiful day like yesterday. If this isn't what the Colts organization wanted, I guess the taxpayers shouldn't have dished out all that cash to build the retractable roof. Too late now.
  • And conversely, when the roof is closed, those sitting in the 500 and 600 levels shiver from the air conditioning vents that blow cold air directly on them.
    These complaints -- and I wonder how many there were, really -- confirm that we have become a nation of whiners, gripers and moaners.
    What about other stadiums, college and pro, whose teams and fans sit through 80-90-degree temperatures in August and September? You think it's not hot in Miami, or Tampa, or Houston, or Atlanta, or Dallas?
    And as CreamCrimson points out, how would you justify our complaints on a warm, October day compared to the folks who sit through bone-chilling temps in Green Bay.
    What a load of bull.
  • Are you kidding me Colts fans? Granted I love my Colts but our fans really need to MAN UP!
  • If you don't open it yesterday, then when would you open it? I do feel the Colts organization should have the final say.
  • Having spent my younger years watch Bear games at Soldier's Field, I can say quite confidently that there is only one word to describe Colts fans - SOFT!
  • The commenters seem to think true fans suffer through whatever weather Mother Nature serves up. So why did we spend all this money on a new stadium? Why didn't we just create a great field, and the heck with a roof, retractable or not, over our heads?
  • Liz ... it has a retractable roof so it can serve many functions and not just be a football stadium. Conventions, trade shows, NCAA events (Final Fours), other sports, band championships etc.
  • I wonder what they all complain about in Miami: too cold in December no doubt. I would endure this any day ...ever been to Bears, Kansas City, Cleveland? now that is crazy stupid feet frozen, butt chillin COLD!
    I sat in the sun during the game on north end and yes I was praying for one of the championship banners to block for some temporary shade(an awning man though and through) but alas, my sweat won out and if my 80 year old father in law can take it and not complain one bit ,... well then that says it all.
  • I sat in the north end zone all game and it was awesome! A little warm, yes, but who can complain about having the top down on a beautiful, sunny day in October. Many people around me came in wearing jeans, sweatshirts and jackets - maybe we should check the weather beforehand and dress for the 84 degrees and sunny forecast? Brilliant!
  • Wow. I can't believe anyone would complain about 80 degrees and a beautiful blue sky in October. I was not sitting in one of the sections where the sun beat down for most of the game, but I got a taste of it in my seat towards the end. It was definitely hot but fans have to take into account that the sun is going to be out during some games and dress accordingly. You may need to apply some sun tan lotion and wear a ball cap. I got a bad sunburn at the Notre Dame game a few weeks ago but I sure wasn't complaining.
  • Give me a break... the temperature in the sun yesterday can't compare to a hot, sunny day in Miami (Dolphins Stadium is open air, no retractable roof). Try a game in August or September at Dolphins Stadium, then maybe you won't cry. Colts fans need to quit crying and get over it. The roof will already be closed if it's snowing, raining and below a set temperature (can't remember what it is, I think somewhere in the 40's... I'm probably wrong). If we shouldn't open it on a day like yesterday, when can we open it? And if Dungy really made that comment because of the temperature... he used to coach at Tampa for crying out loud!! (open air stadium too)... and therefore he needs to quit crying about the temps too (if that's why he said that).
  • is this really the story angle you should be playing up? surely there's more than enough actual newsworthy local sports themes out there. totally agree with CC....
  • is this really a story angle worth playing up? surely there's more than enough local sports stories out there that actually deserve the attention. totally agree with CC....
  • I was actually at the game yesterday and sat in my endzone seats that were directly in the sun - the ones I pay for all season. Not only was it really hot - like 95 degrees - we could hardly see the game because of the direct sunlight. It wasn't fun. I'd complain less about the temperature if I could actually see what was going on during the game...we've had tickets since the Colts came to town so that we can actually SEE the game (even in those 1-15 seasons, you bandwagon jumpers). For this one, I would have rather watched on TV to better follow the action.

    However, I do know that this is what most fans deal with in other NFL cities. So, all I ask is that the Colts organization publish guidelines for when they plan to open the roof. Houston (I believe) opens the roof when the temperature is above 50 degrees and closes it when the temperature is above 80 degrees. Perhaps elderly fans and those with small children might appreciate the heads up. I do receive the text messages on if the roof will be open or closed, but they are consistently sent only an hour or so before gametime.

    Also, I would challenge anyone to name an event besides Colts games that plans to open the roof, even on a sunny, 70-degree day. Do you think a band competition would open the roof with the noted acoustics problem? Do you think a trade show will open the roof if its attendees are in suits? I truly doubt hardly any other event will utilize the open roof except the Colts. So, that leaves me still wondering why we spent the extra several hundred million to add the retractable roof...if we're all such die-hard fans that need to man up, why put a roof on at all?
  • I am not sure how many of these comments came from folks who were actually AT the game. I went yesterday and can tell you that, even out of the sun, and especially if you were on the 600 level, it was HOT and loud!! I will NOT be going back unless I have a suite pass or at least a lower bowl seat!
  • IU Alum,
    I was at the game... Section 618 Row 3. It was not hot. And you're complaining about it being loud? Are you kidding? Did you ever go to a Colts game at the RCA Dome? And do you expect it to be quiet at a football game? For crying out loud, man up (or woman up, I guess) you bandwagon fan.
  • Andrea ... just so you know, Drum Corps International is bringing its international marching competition to LOS specifically because of the ability to open the roof (but to close it quickly in case of inclement weather). Trade shows won't have the roof open, they'll have it closed. Your logic escapes me (I'm guessing it floated up in the air and out the opening).
    And IUalum, I was at the game, and enjoyed every sweaty moment of it.
  • I was lucky enough to go to the game yesterday and I thought the weather, results, and the tailgating before hand was perfect. I do not get this at all. If it is above 60 degrees and below 87 (AND SUNNY OBVIOUSLY) the roof should be open. That is why we built a retractable roof stadium. Must have been Hamilton County wimps, who just cannot take hot weather. It was the people in the lower level seats who were complaining
  • It does not surprise me that iualum had issues, we know they never sit through a college game.

    It is time for the whine and cheese crowd to give up their seats to true fans. people who sit through Purdue or ND games in 90 degree heat or 20 degree cold. As far as the complainers, many will learn to look at a forecast, think where their seats are and adapt. Purdue fans know depending on the time of day and weather conditions, your seat temp will change 25 degrees or more. You dress for it. Same with these fans. My guess is there were not a large number, just enough to make a news story out of it.
  • I really hope fans from other teams don't read these posts.

    You people are complaining about a Sunny Day... in freaking October. Yeah, I was at the game, just like I attend every game, and I am starting to see many Colts fans a Soft, Spoiled Whiners.

    Too hot... ooohh weeee, ouch.

    The Air Conditioning in the 600 level... ooohhh nooo.

    The Parking... boo hoo.

    The once in awhile loss... the sky is falling.

    80 degrees and sunny... ouchy, it hurts, I can't see, the glare... it's too much.

    Really people? Really? It's football. These men are risking bones and knees and blood and we are sitting in the sunshine drinking beer yelling and screaming and somehow people complain. You people are trying to justify complaining about Sun and Heat in October.

    I question some Colts Fans grip on the realities of the NFL and really, really hope other teams fans don't get ahold of some of the comments on here (Steelers, Packers, Bears, Browns, etc... fans would have a field day listening to some of you).
  • Just to be clear about the cool (when the roof is closed) breeze from the vents in the 500 and 600v levelsv when the roof is closed. We have adapted, and now bring sweatshirts.
  • When you build a $720 million facility, I don't think a little air circulation is too much to ask for.
  • CreamCrimson: Those men are earning millions. We're buying very expensive tickets. Big difference.
  • I was there in the sun and enjoyed every MINUTE of the game. Just like anything new, I'm sure some were unprepared. If your seats are in the sun, wear sunscreen. What a glorious feeling to walk out of a Colts game sweaty and sundrenched!!
  • I sat in the direct sunlight in the north endzone for the entire game and it was hot, I sweated, and I loved it. It was a glorious day watching a 31-3 thrashing by the Colts. Anyone who complained about this or even left early (how dare you) should have their season tickets revoked.
  • you can't even call these people fair-weather fans anymore....
  • Amen, CC. A lot of our fans are really starting to anger me. If I am told to sit down on a 3rd down one more time by fans behind me (I'm in section 453 faithfully each week), I might lose it. This past Sunday was better, but some people that buy tickets should maybe be required to take and pass a class on NFL football etiquette or something before they are allowed to attend a Colts game. I would be embarrassed too if fans from other NFL cities saw some of these complaints. The commish might strip us of the franchise if he saw this page. Sunlight is part of the game in most cities. I went to Cubs and Reds games this summer and sat in simmering JULY heat. Nobody there complained. This was probably the last time the roof will be open this season anyways. I enjoyed it. If you didn't like it, STOP BUYING TICKETS!!!
  • The roof opened yesterday was awesome. We might have drank a little more than normal but would have been just as hot as Maimi, Tenn or any other outdoor playing field. We had a blast and don't know where they are getting all the people they are saying complained about it being too hot
  • With all the complaints about sound, roof, seating, navigation, etc., shouldn't we be calling-out the people who designed and run this thing? For nearly 800 mil of our tax dollars, shouldn't somebody be accountable? Sure, we can't do much about it now, but we can sure expose who gave little thought about these in the design. And, can someone find out exactly who it is that makes the decisions? IBJ, be a true investigative newspaper. Find out who is in charge. And, find out who the designer was and their reasoning. Posting these rediculous questions on a blog, drives traffic to your site but does little to support your reputation as an indepth news organization.
  • James,
    Expose who? The stadium is built just fine... this isn't a venue to come sip your wine and eat your cheese in the A/C. It's a venue that was built for FOOTBALL. Yes, there will be other events held there, but it's reason for existence is FOOTBALL. If anything, I wish our tax dollars would have paid for an open-air stadium... and then we wouldn't have you whiny, cry babies taking tickets away from people who are actual Colts fans. So, I say, open the roof up every game (as long as there is no snow or rain since there is no drainage)... and when the cold comes around, freeze out all of these whiny people who just bought season tickets because they are fair-weather fans, or should I say bandwagon fans. Do you hear people in New England cry about the cold or snow during their games... heck, Soldier Field in Chicago was just renovated in the past few years and is still an open-air stadium... no crying over the cold and snow. And as I said before, go to the other extremes in Florida (Miami, Tampa and JAX... all open-air). All three of these, it gets pretty hot in August and September at these games (and even Oct.)... do you hear people crying about the heat? So, how many other cities do you want me to name off with open-air stadiums? And as another person mentioned before... look at baseball; played in the middle of summer. No wonder we'll never get an MLB team if people are whining over the heat in Oct. (I know there are other reasons, but this one sounds good right now.)
    So, no need to expose anyone but yourself. You've exposed yourself as a bandwagon fan who just bought tickets because it was the cool thing to do and don't really care about the game and experience.
    And for all the season ticket holders whining about it... put your tickets up on TicketExchange or StubHub then. I'm sure there are plenty of true Colts fans ready to buy your tickets and sit in the hot sun.
    As some others have said... I just hope this hasn't made any national sports websites... we would become the laughing stock of the league.
  • Sorry Colts fans, but in the game of life, there is no retractable roof.

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