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  1. Flanner House Inc (FHI) is a 116 year old organization that has a wonderful track record of serving the community. Flanner House Elementary School (FHES) is a completely separate organization with a different board of directors.

  2. What do the electric car rentals have to do with power delivered to my home? Ballard forgot to mention this part of the plan when he was promoting the great new service Indy was selected for. Duped is more like it.

  3. I strenuously object to being forced to pay for this boondoggle. Oh sure, it's only $.25 now, but when nobody uses it the company will ask for subsidies or rate hikes. The horse tracks were supposed to support equine sports in Indiana. That went nowhere, so the owners wanted subsidies from the taxpayers to keep their million dollar dream alive. Those little tax levies never go down and they never go away.

  4. I want to applaud Judge Young for calling a spade a shovel in Gov. Pence. I couldn't understand how the good Judge previously dismissed Pence for want of power to enforce or apply Indiana's same-sex marriage ban when Pence, immediately after the ruling, ordered State agencies to disregard the Court's ruling. Unfortunately, it is a rarity anymore to see quality writing that succinctly disposes of justice. It is one saving grace of a life time appointment to the federal judiciary. Judge's like Young, Pence, Hamilton, Barker, and many more have done a quality job of refining their writing to honor its meat and not chafe. Well done.

  5. Great article