WIBC taking big risk by weaving news with opinionsRestricted Content

June 21, 2014
The decision earlier this month by WIBC-FM 93.1 to part ways with longtime newsman and host Steve Simpson has many radio listeners and advertisers wondering if straight-up news radio is dead.More.

HHGregg ditches ad campaign, returns to former agency

July 9, 2014
The Indianapolis-based retailer is going back to Zimmerman Advertising a year after parting ways with the firm and just two months after unveiling a "brand transformation."More.

Late Pacers slump didn't slow season-ticket renewalsRestricted Content

June 21, 2014
The season-ticket renewal rate for next season is around 93 percent, and season-ticket sales are 15 percent ahead of last season, said Todd Taylor, the team’s chief marketing and sales officer.More.

Angie's List Grand Prix sponsorship targets service providers

June 21, 2014
It was no surprise that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway approached the Indianapolis-based consumer-review service about sponsorship of the Grand Prix of Indianapolis before the inaugural event in May. But the first response from Angie’s List CEO Bill Oesterle was no.More.

Radio personality Vaughn files suit against WTLC parent

June 10, 2014
Kelly Vaughn alleges in a federal discrimination lawsuit that Radio One showed preferential treatment to male co-worker Amos Brown by firing her but retaining him after they worked on an outside project.More.
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  1. We've been reporting on this story alongside the Gannett owned Muncie StarPress and BSU has been using the newspaper to whitewash this story from day one. Hiring a relative of the sitting governor at the time of the loss wreaks of a conflict of interest. BSU was told their name would be kept from the media or some low level employee kept the loss from university officials. Period. Gannett didn't even disclose in their article that Deb Daniels was Mitch Daniels sister - what a fraud. The Fourth Estate in Indiana needs to be kicked out of the state so the citizens can establish a citizen driven newspaper so we can learn the truth about government operations in Indiana. Check out for more accurate reporting on this story.

  2. No disrespect to Ms. Daniels but the taxpayers of Indiana who support this school and all those who contribute to the BSU Endowment deserve the best to investigate a financial loss of $13,000,000 against a endowment of $165 mill. What experience does she have? They should hire the best Certified Forensic Accountant to provide clarity to all involved and why it was kept under the rug! Here is my recommendation as a Indiana Taxpayer: This guy can knock it out of the park and also make sure the right controls are in place going forward. Any problems at any other State Schools?

  3. They should also deeply investigate bidding and purchasing departments at BSU.