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  1. All this fuss over one home? Heck yes when the foundation invested almost $25,000 to get in to a condition where someone else could purchase it. The current owner is willfully negligent with its demolition and needs to be held accountable for the lost investment. When you buy a home in a historic you have to agree to abide by the convenants attached to your property ... no way to avoid them.

  2. I was really hoping a restaurant would go into this space. I work in a building close by and was hoping for another lunch option.

  3. Last time I checked, my post mentioned nothing about Cummins building a high rise on the site. "I said" the site should be left alone until a proper high rise could be built. Cummins would have selected another site if the city didn't throw the site at them. Why give this site for a "promised" building of significance when the company picked the least inspiring architect of the three? Learn to read a post downtowner.

  4. Why doesn't the Ballard administration petition the Federal Railroad Administration for a quiet zone designation when trains pass through residential areas, particularly downtown. It is ridiculous to live more than a mile from any tracks, but still hear train horns sounding dozens of times per day at a volume that makes you think you're about to get hit by one.

  5. Dr Naqvi allowed my father to suffer and had him do chemo when he was malnutrition level 2. He didn't tell my father in the beginning he most likely only had 2 months to live, Which another Dr informed us when he passed. A few weeks before he passed Dr Naqvi said that he was in remission. Wish he would have been forthcoming with my father and family! My father could have been at home, comfortable without the amount of pain suffering he went through due to the last bit of chemo which Naqvi should have never suggested! My father passed 4 days after due to the chemo. My Dad had his doubts but Naqvi was the Dr with the degree. I am working on forgiving Dr Naqvi. But at the moment I am still so heartbroken. My point in commenting is Dr Naqvi tell your patients like it is, if they only have months to live tell them that! Then if they beat it at least your patient and family was prepared if the didn't.