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  1. Berwickguy: Yes, your Big Book of Jewish Fairy Tales, written in the Bronze Age by anonymous authors, has a lot of great wisdom, such as God's express authorization for you to sell your daughters into slavery [Exodus 21:7}. However, there are conflicting instructions in the Koran of Islam, the Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism, and the Tripitaka of Buddhism. I and billions of others would be interested in the comprehensive investigation that you undertook to unequivocally confirm that Christianity was the one true religion, rather than any of the others. Or are you just assuming that you were one of the lucky ones that happened to be born in the right religion? And here's a newsflash, all of the members of these other religions "know in their hearts" that they're in the correct religion, too. What d'ya think is going on there? Is Jesus just messin' with those other guys?

  2. Will the speak and understand English? I stopped shopping at Lowes and using the call center because I had such a hard time with the accents and they did not under stand me either. Jobs are good in any form....

  3. Maybe it is time Indy passes an affordable minimum wage like Bloomington. There should be zero tax breaks for a company unless it pays a livable wage. A high turnover rate call center, let's have a big press conference and brag.

  4. Why are religious people so self-righteous? Seems like you're the perfect person to ask.

  5. Just a thought, there is, in fact, the Bible, aka, "Basic Instrustions Before Leaving Earth", that has transcended many generations, and moreso, there is faith. Take a plunge, invite the Holy Spirit to enlighten you, for afterall, at this point, you embody God's words that say, "Man's wisdom is God's folly. My prayers and best wishes go out to you.