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  1. Pence's eye has always been on the White House. Being Governor was always just a resume enhancer because he had no record in the House to run on. Unfortunately, his tenure here has been all about hitting those talking points that speak to Republican/Tea Party base instead of actually making Indiana better: gay marriage (a loss), tax cuts (not even a super majority could pass), picking fights with the duly elected (by more votes than he managed) Superintendent of Public Instruction, blocking Medicaid expansion and Obamacare despite evidence of success in, of all places, Kentucky. The list goes on and on. The only positive he can point to, I suppose, is job creation, but most of that can be attributed to Mitch Daniels more than anything, and we won't talking about quality over quantity. He is a prime example of treading water waiting for the next thing.

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  3. It's mentioned in this article, but a "fresh-food market" is going into the garage being renovated at 1015 Virginia. From what I understand, locally sourced produce, meat, dairy, etc. I've heard it will range from price conscious basics to higher end specialty items. Website says opening Fall 2014...

  4. Yahoo! makes sense, they are buying up tons of IPs, plus they have lots of cash from selling Alibaba stock.

  5. Armchair, it's never good to have a big fish invade a small pond, never. AL just NEVER built a signature web product. Had they done that they would have been fine. They simply refused to build a real SaaS or free tool in their domain. AL simply were not solving (with web tools and contacts) anyones problems. I know of many who left AL because they felt they were not getting real value for the money spent. Sad, AL could have really been big in SoMoLo, now is just "wake me up before you GoGo."