Danica rebuffs F1, Ecclestone

February 20, 2009
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bernieThat sound you heard was a collective sigh from the Indy Racing League’s sales and marketing department.

IRL driver and Sports Illustrated cover girl Danica Patrick says she has not been contacted by anyone from the new American-based Formula One team, and has no plans to leave the IRL.

Ken Anderson, one of the principals in the team that will be formally announced next week in Charlotte, N.C., has said Patrick is a candidate to fill one of the team's seats.

In a phone interview today with The Associated Press, Patrick says she’s flattered by the team’s interest but is happy where she is.

“You know, it starts with a phone call, and I haven't heard anything,” Patrick told the Associated Press. “It’s funny how these things get going. But I’m happy driving in the IndyCar Series, I’m happy in North America.”

F1 commercial chief Bernie Ecclestone,78, won few friends in America during the series’ run in Indianapolis, when he said that "women should all be dressed in white like all the other domestic appliances." Patrick was irked when he repeated that statement directly to her after she placed fourth in the 2005 Indianapolis 500. But sources close to Ecclestone, known as the iron dwarf, said he is as hip on the idea of adding Patrick to the series as anyone.

“Patrick’s star quality offers lifeline for flagging Formula One,” declared The Guardian, a mainstream British newspaper.

F1 exited the U.S. after its 2007 U.S. Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The F1 had a few rough spots in its eight year run at Indianapolis, including declining attendance and the Michelin tire fiasco in 2005 which reduced the field to six cars. Still, motorsports sources said, F1 officials’ interest in gaining a stronger U.S. following remains a high priority.
  • Rebuff? :lol: Rebuff: reject outright and bluntly; She snubbed his proposal

    There was NOOOooooo proposal, just some BS you bought into from some speculative 'tards down in NC.

    C'mon AS, bad headlines.

    You really should follow F1 and Bernie more closely. He is toying with everyone, as well he should. Danicle couldn't carry Kazuki Nakajima's jockstrap.

    She is a joke. I need a beer. :)
  • Man, your response came in on this one in record time, DaHooey. I was actually kind of thinking of changing the headline, but I found your reaction and response to it so entertaining, I think I'll leave it up. Thanks for reading.
  • No prollem AS. :)

    Its fun sitting here and swatting the gomers all day. :lol:

    Thanks for giving us some fun on a Friday.

    Danicle: Needs a front end.
  • Sounds to me that there is interest. Not just from the American team, but from the European sports reporters. To have them saying Patrick’s star quality offers lifeline for flagging Formula One,” is pretty high praise. European papers are like large market US ones. They do not dote over sports stars very often.

    The fact that she was in the running shows at least some people see her talent.

    I think it is smart for Danica to avoid F1 as it would be any star racer to do. Unless you get hooked up with a super team, you have little chance of winning. Ask Michael Andretti about that. If Ferrari comes a knockin, then you answer. If it is a lower echelon team, it is not worth it.

    Dahooey, I don't know what you have against tv characters, but swatting them is not really very nice.
  • lolz....:)

    You let me know when Ferrari calls Danicle. I will run around Monument Circle nekkid when it happens.



    now time for a beer. ok bye.
  • Come on Da Hooey, if she had the front end you're looking for, then you would say it gets in the way of her golf swing. Some people just can't win with you, man.

    Besides, most Gomers just say she's purdy, goooooolly!
  • DANicle woud be the ebst thing to ever happen to FOrmula 1. I was perty pist when SArah dint get no more then that test. BOy HOWdy woud DAncile pack em in. THAnk GOd and TOney GOrge we got a IRl for talents like DANicle and SArah.
  • European papers are like large market US ones. They do not dote over sports stars very often.

    You've never obtained a passport, have you?

    Hey Anthony, you should try to get an interview with Anton H. George's first wife. No, wait, nevermind, you would be made to disappear and then we wouldn't have this board.

    DAncile (nice, BiF!) in F1 would be grate. High comedy. She would be to F1 what Milkers is to earl. Except F1 still has something resembling motorsport.
  • I wonder what the Euro tabloids would do with Danica in the long-term? That could get ugly. But it might make for good theater. I will say this though, whoever thinks Danica is loyal to the IRL, that is nonsense. If she ever thought she could get a bigger, better deal some place else she'd be gone faster than you could say Mario is slowing down!
  • Boy, oh boy, just look at the mean spirited crowd kicking into high gear - Stan, Barf, DaHooey - what's that we're missing, the lowly regarded SSD and Brett - such hatred and scorn they spew on a regular basis. Is it just jealousy? Perhaps they are bitter and enraged because they never accomplished as much? And perhaps because they lack the kehones to take a ride in a 2 seater? Oh, my that would be beneath their dignity, now wouldn't it - after all it would be a Dallara (heaven forbid) and likely driven by Davey Hamilton - oh, nooooooo!

    I could say they don't give a rat's behind about all this, but then why do they keep showing up and piling on??? Then again saying they don't give a rat's behind would be a disservice to the rat's behind!
  • Because Tony killed the sport and we will never come around kicking and screaming (his quote, not mine) and we will NEVER forget.

    Make sense?

    Until Tony and his merry band of idots is gone, we will not rest.
  • DaHooey,

    I've said it once and i'll say it again....
  • If Danica has to get almost naked in a magazine to get attention, obviously she is lacking talent. Between Danica in her bikini and Helio prancing around like an idiot, the IRL is really something. I heard on the radio that the IRL expects to field 26 cars for this year's series. Is this even remotely possible?
  • Rich Hill.

    I value your opinion, but why the name calling? If you have an objection to my opinion, please state it, but no personal attacks, m-kay?

    Danicle is a public figger, and as all public figgers, she is game for public scrutineering. I think she is a no-talent opportunistic ho, but your mileage may differ.

    Keep on topic, please.
  • Anthony Schoettle is by far the worst sports reporter in the midwest. Disgusting!
  • DaHooey,

    You expect Rich Hill to refrain from name calling, fine. Then you turn around and defame a young woman by calling her a ho. While she might be subject to scruitineering as you state, that doesn't include the name you just placed on her which she doesn't deserve. I'd like to see you say that to her face and see what you would get on your grill in return.

    And now we have a new member of the scorn club, Mr. Jeb Bush. Oh, great. You guys state you are just waiting for everything connected with Indycar (the 500, IRL) to fold. So now just to appease your pathetic appetite for hate, we would have thousands of people out of jobs from the loss of open wheel racing. And that would make you happy???

    Perhaps you guys and your hate club could find some other way to direct your scorn...perhaps something positive...after all that is our calling in life - to find a way to lift others up not to run them down. Try it sometime. It actually works.
  • Berwickguy:

    simple lesson here. Public figures invite public criticism. We know them, they present an image, and we then comment on that image. you hate on Democrat public figures, which is fine, so we cannot hate on other public figures, like the Danicle? She is a ho, in my opinion. She slept with many men, some married (like Booby the rat) who is 30 years older than her. to me, and i'll bet to you, that conotates one being a ho.
  • Danica rebuffs F-1? That's hilarious. I guess Kenny Anderson will have to settle for Special Ed or Quattro.
  • DaHooey,

    Comment all you want regarding your feelings. But that does not give you the right to make statements as fact such as Danica being a ho.
    You say she slept with other men. Were you in the room? Did she get paid? Boy, you sure got yourself on the ultimate judge pedestal. Last I heard, a ho was someone that does it for $$. So, how about dropping the third party information (at best) and stating it as fact? You don't want someone calling you out as an ass, but pray tell what exactly gives you the right to make such outlandish statements about a public figure based on what you've heard from someone else? You certainly haven't presented your hate case in this forum in any sort of manner other than despicable. Your double standard goes right along with your innuendo. In the trash.
  • you need to go back to school and find out what the name HO means. Not the same as whore, m-kay?

    How can you even care about such a pouty little know it all Danicle? She is neither moral or kind, and that i know, for a fact.
  • DaHooey,

    Congratulations on your graduation from ghetto school. Did you major in Ho-ology? That goes right along with your Masters in Tatoo inspection. As for me, I tended to rise above that level and see the best side of people, including Danica - even including you!
  • Stan,

    I have had a passport for years, and have traveled several times to Europe. Been to Ireland and England, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and France. I make it a habit to read several European newspapers at least weekly. I stand by what I said. The Europeans tear apart sports stars just like they do actors etc.... But thanks again for worrying about my life. In fact, let me know, I would be happy to show you my Hi Def videos of the trip.

    Lets see, I will try this one again. So what sport does not exploit its stars? There are definitely some selective memories among the TG haters.
  • Berwick guy person:

    how can you rise aboive it if all you do is respond to it. :lol:

  • Hooey:

    You always seem to miss the point or avoid resonding to the meat of the issue. What I TRY to rise above is seeing the potential worse side of someone I don't know very well, only know about - a star for example, like Danica. While I acknowledge that dark side may well exist, it is not evident to me (ok, I know she has a stormy temper, but so do many people of her personality type and that coupled with her age and maturity) so I try not to focus on it. Take someone like Sean Penn who talks about his hate and disdain for the US and anyone that disagrees with him. Him, I can't rise above and I would hold open the door to get his sorry butt out.

    You I respond to because I'm optimistic about your positive nature, albeit well hidden some times. And, I hold out hope that you may not always be so perjorative.
  • :lol:
  • Just to set the record straight, I rebuffed F1 and Bernie , also

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