Danica suddenly considering F1

February 24, 2009
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Indy Racing League driver Danica Patrick has done an about face. Just a few days after telling everyone how happy she is in the IRL, she now says she’d consider jumping to Formula One. Patrick has been targeted as one of four possible drivers for a new U.S.-based F1 team that was launched today.

Meanwhile, former open-wheel driver Mario Andretti said if any IRL driver should be considered for a jump to F1, considered by many to be the premiere level of open-wheel racing, it should be his grandson, Marco.

Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson unveiled their plans today in Charlotte, N.C. for a team to be called USF1, and say they are committed to hiring two American drivers. They listed their top targets, including Patrick, 22-year-old Marco Andretti, former F1 driver Scott Speed and NASCAR's Kyle Busch. Windsor and Anderson are committed to launching an F1 team for the 2010 season. Patrick and Marco Andretti, who are teammates on Andretti Green Racing, both have contracts that expire at the end of the 2009 season.

The idea of Danica or one of the good ole boys mixing it up with the high-brow F1 paddock certainly would boost interest in the U.S., and might even push interest in bringing a race back to the Brickyard. Of course, it would have to make financial sense for IMS boss Tony George.
  • Who cares...she can't win in the IRL and she won't win in F1. Let her jump the pond and take her tired act over there.
  • The article I read quoted her as saying that she still wants to run the IRL as her #1 option but that it never hurts to listen. Can't blame her for that.

    I hope she stays. Unless you are with a first class team in F1, you are a guaranteed backmarker.
  • I doubt her act is tired in Europe and other global markets. The tabloids would have a field day with her antics. She might even benefit F1.
  • Shamica couldn't carry James Hunt's jockstrap.
  • I'm just wondering why on earth, with all the American open-wheel drivers out there, this new F1 team would target Danica? I'm guessing it has lots more to do with sponsorship and marketing possibilities than actual driving skills. And I'm not bashing Danica, but I don't think many people in the know would put her in the top 5 as an American open-wheel driver.
  • Correct Simon. no one puts her in the win column for anything except her boyish good looks (if you are into that look) and her ability to attract sponsors. You KNOW why she is at AGR - she brought all her own sponsors. Everyone in the know knows that. :lol:
  • James Hunt?

    Danica is critisized that she won in Japan only when Helio pitted, and you pick James Hunt?

    I realize that he had F1 victories, but bad comparison. The 1976 championship was handed to him.

    You should have used Niki Lauda, and his charred jockstrap.
  • If you are in the know, I suppose that means you're entitled to bloviate tirelessly.

    Danica said she wants to stay in the IRL. That's where she should stay until she either does or does not prove herself to be a winning contender.
  • Unfortunately, USF1 is not likely to be anything more than a backmarker no matter who is driving. It is not realistic to expect a US-based team with a Spanish rally team's facility to be able to succeed in F1. I'm very skeptical that they will even ever come to fruition, let alone compete. Certainly with the budget they've discussed they have little change of being anything but a Minardi-type backmarker. If they do make the grid, I'd expect to see Scott Speed get a well-deserved 2nd shot at F1. I think don't think we'll see Danica, Marco or Kyle Busch in F1, they are too provincial to make the move and the committment (See Michael Andretti). In reality, they will probably have to hire a pay driver to partner Speed and it very well may not be American; but whoever has the rare combination of F1-level talent and a big bankroll. Sad, but true.
  • I name that should be mentioned is Graham Rahal. I rate his chances higher than the others since this was his original goal and desire since he started racing. I don't think you can say that even for Marco and certainly not for Danica or Busch. Graham's talent is still developing and he shows more potential for growth than Marco's, imho; and I believe that's the view from atleast the IRL pits.

    Most people are not aware, but Marco has pretty much failed his F1 audition in his test with Honda. Although he showed the consistency of pace of a true professional, he just didn't show the ultimate speed needed in F1. Folks, he just wasn't fast enough.

    I believe Graham's had just one abbreviate F1 drive; not a real test if I remember correctly. Certainly, he's someone you'd want to give a shot.
  • Yes, agreed. Graham Rahal is the real deal and could succeed in F1. It would be bad for the IRL to lose him.
  • Q: Why was Bobby Rahole running GrahamCracker in ChampCar when he owned a EARL team? :lol:

    A: Cause the EARL sucks, and is no stepping stone to F1.

    That remains true today, and that window of opportunity for Graham (who i agree has talent) is closing quickly. If he is not immediately taken up by someone by midseason this year, I suspect - I said suspect - he will never run there. F1 has no time for provincial drivers. You get about ONE shot at it (ask Scott Speed), and G-Hole better make a move pronto.

    And agreed on Micro Andretti. I have not onced been impressed with him. Especially after he collided with Eddie the Cheeber.
  • And Champ Car is a stepping stone to what? Obscurity? Financial Ruin? I mean they proved that, didn't they?


    What race series today is not all about the sponsors and which ones the drivers can bring? Dale Jr. would not be driving NASCAR without the sponsors the family name brings. Kyle Petty certainly would not have had any NASCAR career without the same. Be it looks or name, if you have sponsors, you have a ride. I do not think there is a series out there that is not that way.
  • Oh, woe to those that dare to disagree with the annointed critic who just loves to call everyone associated with the IRL a name of his liking. And yet, he loves to call out anyone who says anything of a criticizing nature regarding him or his posts. Case in point, he calls Graham Rahal - Graham Cracker and G-Hole. Nice... Expecially for someone whom he says has talent. ALL HAIL to the annointed critic for he is all knowing, all seeing, and all everything. If you don't believe me, just ask his annointedness.
  • B-Guy, look up the word humor. :lol: Might bring the hypertension down a few notches.
  • And Champ Car is a stepping stone to what?

    Ask Sebastien Bourdais and Timo Glock. How many EARL drivers have got a shot in F-1? Dixon, Kanaan, Franchitti, Helio all wanted to race in F-1 but will never get a shot in Formula Sagamore.
  • DaHooey,
    How is it when you pick on people and are called on it you call it humor? But when you get picked on the slightest you get defensive and tell people to knock it off and stop being mean and calling you names. You even have to get The Score involved to be the principle.

    DaHooey go away with your teenage rants, gangster talk, and putride take on life. You are not funny. You are the person who deep down is extremely insecure and covers it by making fun of others at their expense.
  • You even have to get “The Score” involved to be the principle.

    I think you mean principal. And Berwick was the one who went crying to IBJ. Do you have any idea what a public forum is? It's real simple, if you don't like it, don't read it. And don't take the time to respond. It's not your forum, no one cares what you think.
  • Hey Brett,

    For your information, the only reason I did so is because the poster included a link to a porn site. That was certainly inappropriate and needed to be called out.
  • link to a porn site? where? guess i didn't see that.
  • It was the one I got criticized about running to Anthony. And that's the only reason I did. He took it off and made reference to my post and Brett went balistic.
  • I didn't go balistic. You may just want to get some thicker skin.
  • Danica in F1? I need a new monitor now!
    Stupid Gomer place fans think he is hot with his spread in SI and his new tramp stamp.
  • Brett and Berwick ...
    Stupid Gomos!
  • Brett, you might take to heart what you said. Nobody really cares what you say either. Public forum or not you guys are like little kids. It is all fun and games calling people names, etc. until you get hurt - then its you running and yelling MOMMY the whole way.

    You never have anything to add that advances the forum. Public discussion of topics with facts are great. But blatent crap does nothing.

    Alan Metcalfe - your new name for Danica has reached an all time low for this site. Would you use that term around a lady? If so I would be ready to duck. Amazing how low our society has dipped. No one carries on a decent conversation anymore, it is all hot air at someones expense.
  • I am sure I will get criticized by the TG haters for this, but Anthony, read Alan Metcalfes posts above and let us know if this is what the IBJ wants to be associated with. You may want to use filters to keep words like that from appearing on your site.


    This is not a public forum, it is an IBJ Forum. As such, it is up to Anthony to decide what image he wants this forum to portray for himself and the IBJ. The Star has let theirs collapse into name calling and childishness. I am hoping the same is not allowed to happen here. It is easy to discuss topics, no matter how controversial in a mature way. You just have to have a point and make it intelligently. I have always been told that when you resort to insults, you have lost the argument.
  • Indyman,
    I could not agree more!!

    Discuss intelligently or not at all.
  • irl* fans are the biggest morons on the planet. I'm really surprised some of you can use a computer.

    This is not a public forum, it is an IBJ Forum.

    So not anyone can join? Do you have to pay to join? Do you have to be an IBJ subscriber? No. Hence ther term public. Look it up.

    The Star has let theirs collapse into name calling and childishness.

    The old Speednet forums was some of the best racing talk on the internet until irl fans made it a cesspool.
  • Brett, you might take to heart what you said. Nobody really cares what you say either.

    That's why you took the time to respond, right?

    Public forum or not you guys are like little kids. It is all fun and games calling people names, etc. until you get hurt - then its you running and yelling “MOMMY” the whole way.

    The only ones notifying Anthony are moronic irl* fans and crybabies like you.
  • Brett,

    It is an IBJ Forum, notice the name at the top of your screen? Sure, the IBJ invites anyone to comment, but they rightfully hold the right to edit or remove anyones comments for whatever reason. Therefore it is the IBJ's Forum. I went to the IMA yesterday. Did not have to join, did not have to pay an entry fee, but it is not a public facility. It is a private facility. They invite the public in, but it is still private. Same as the IBJ Forum. You have no right to post whatever you want. But you knew that.

    It seems there are as many or more c?rters/TG haters dragging this site down as IRL fans. Your point?
  • Brett,

    You call IRL fans morons, crybabies and a collective cesspool. So who is doing the name calling, sir?
  • So who is doing the name calling, sir?

    Those are my opinions. I am not the one constantly crying to the moderator like a 4th grader when you you don't like someone else's opinion. Man up or borrow a set.
  • For the last time, that had nothing to do with anything other than an illicit connectin to a porn site. Calling people names is not an opinion. It is an insult. Perhaps you should learn the difference.
  • Are you the internet police? Leave the moderation to Anthony.

    Perhaps you should learn the difference

    As I said earlier, get some stones...
  • I would bet Anthony appreciates the help. He only has so much time to moderate these. When someone puts up a porn site or uses x-rated names to describe other people, I would bet he is glad when someone lets him know.

    It is amazing that people are so immature that the only way they feel they can get their point across is to act childish. Truly sad.
  • Brett, I care to do the right thing for others with or without your approval. Anyone in their right mind, as Indyman so eloquently stated, would appreciate stepping up in this regard to report the abuse. Once again, you stoop down to a degrading reference. That must be what you're all about, degradation. You are a very SLOW learner.
  • I'll type slower so you can keep up. GFY.

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