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  1. Probably a good idea he doesn't run. I for one do not want someone who lives in VIRGINIA to be the governor. He gave it some thought, but he likes Virginia too much. What a name I cannot say on this site! The way these people think and operate amuses me.

  2. Kent definitely has talent and he may even "win" the afternoon drive time competition, but do we really need 3 local sports talk shows? Can't we get just one show with a national presence?!? I loved Doug Gottlieb in that slot and have now switched back to music. How many times can we talk about Hibbert's implosion or Reggie Wayne's knee?? All these guys know national sports, but it always seem to pull right back to Indiana sports (x3).

  3. is only popular in Maroon COunty

  4. Straight No Chaser does a fantastic job and it keeps the same spirit of Gomer's version with it being different. They originally created the arrangement for the Little 500 in Bloomington so it has the same feel as the big race. You don't want to just plug some D-lister right into Gomer's spot with singing the same arrangement Gomer did as that would be unfair to the performer and remind everyone that he is not singing anymore... a change is a must! They've tried the acapella thing before and it didn't work... "Back Home" is technically a harder song to sing than "My Ole Kentucky Home". It doesn't help that the Purdue band isn't much better than your typical high school marching band.

  5. IS it true that the Indiana State Legislature voted to move Adopted Special Needs kids from MD Med Wise over to Traditional Medicaid to save money? Since my adopted on, who has CP, was moved from MD Wise - traditional has been delaying and coming up with every excuse in the book to deny him the services he was guaranteed. I have written Rep Randy Frye - he sent my email to others in the State insurance system only to have it bounced around to people that have no idea how to handle it or are not in power to handle it. Anyone have any success at moving these elected leaders to d the right thing?