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  2. Sometimes majority rule is a good thing, such as in the decision of whether or not to unionize. From the comments I read on this topic, I get the impression that people think that a union forces itself into a workplace against the will of the workers. A union is only established if supported by a majority of the workplace's workers. And if a majority of the workers disapprove of the union, they can also vote to have it removed. But you can't expect to run a union where services are provided to all, but dues are voluntary just the same as you couldn't run a government that way. What would happen if payment of taxes were optional? Most people wouldn't pay, it's human nature, and government would collapse. If a union isn't serving its workers well, the membership can vote in new leadership. Right-to-work is simply a strategy to decimate unions and decrease the wage structure for workers to increase profits for corporations. Unfortunately, the strategy has been successful at gaining allies among workers by turning them against one another and by appealing to patriotic terms such as "freedom", "liberty" and "rights". America will not be a better place for the majority of citizens if and when the unions have been eradicated by the rich.

  3. I moved to Indy 15 years ago and have been a dedicated WIBC listener every day on my drive to and from work. Loved Steve Simpson. Can't stand Tony Katz. The WIBC brass and Programming Director are idiots. I now listen to other stations.

  4. From the story: “I don’t know that you’re seeing this type of cumulative sports success anywhere else in the country right now,” said Milt Thompson, an Indianapolis sports attorney and marketer, who serves on the board of the Indianapolis Indians and the Capital Improvement Board, which manages the city’s sports venues. ----- Do we really want the fox guarding the henhouse? We shouldn't be surprised if the Indians get a deal in a few years like the Pacers have.

  5. Didn't we just go through the same with hospital over-construction? Suddenly Indiana had some of the highest hospital rates. Not surprisingly the over-construction led to over-saturation and the inevitable cost cutting measures by hospitals.