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  1. When are the new Atlantic Scientific cable TV boxes coming out? You are in the industry insider know. And when can you come by my place to install it? I would love to meet you and talk IndyCar key metrics and demo targeting and what not while you install the new box. I'll even make you a sweet tea because I know you must work up a sweat in those poly-cotten blend uniform shirts.

  2. I agree with DKC and RKW! Just because there is an area of land that has not had anything built on it doesn't mean Carmel should build something there. How about a new high school to support all the students who are coming to the area because of all the building of homes and apartments? However, we all know that will not happen because the mayor does not want one high school competing against the other. Why not leave the trees and greenspaces alone so the animals have some where to call home?! They deserve a place to live since developers keep taking their places to live away.

  3. is it me or does it appear as if Hilbert has no business acumen whatsoever? Seems like everything he's involved with fails.

  4. The GOP admin in the State doesn't pursue fraud if it makes their Party look bad in the elections. They could steal billions and the State would not only look the other way, but provide cover for it. Put that in your "libel & slander" pipe and smoke it.

  5. By the time the toll road reverts back to the State because the private operators can't fit it into their for-profit models, the whole road will have deteriorated to the point that it is going to cost billions to fix it up. To put it short: a for-profit model is not going to work for this road.