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  1. This is a fantastic step forward for Indy and I look forward to this getting approved. If implemented well and not just as another parallel IndyGo route, this will be very significant for north-south residents. If it provides inexpensive, reliable and timely transit to/from downtown, I can see this being very useful and something I would take myself.

  2. You are mixing economic and politico organizational models and pretending they are the same. I know they brainwashed your generation into thinking anything but capitalism was bad, but geesh, do some basic reading. Take a class on sociology and we'll talk...

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  4. Id that were all so true, Zach, and despite what others may conclude, the overarching question was, is, and remains, what about the others? Where do they fit in? And at what cost to them? Do they punt? Or do they hunker down for extra-innings? You see what I mean? Is the DW12 justifiable despite the mindless ramblings of the punditry who pity it not, yet in an almost ephemeral sense, are chiefly responsible. And if the whole thing is balanced on the unasked question, as if they if not already done by proxy, then why the aero kits? And why is it that only 33 answer the May bell and 22, make that 21 the End of Summer madness whe4n all that is left, or could be asked for is to stop painting by the numbers, cease the incessant drilling, and show the rest of the camp where to find the so-called latrine. Get me on this? No, I like Toronto's chances for a June date and Simon signing with Andretti. I see 2015 as mega.

  5. Trains were a part of Indy's downtown long before most residents came. Welcome to urban living.