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  1. We are already well on our way...solidly in the bottom third of education, well being and economic mobility. Cutting all our taxes for businesses and gutting education funding has got us where? I'll you where, with a hollowed out manufacturing base and nothing but low paying service jobs...thanks GOP!

  2. andy, enjoy

  3. They could have done just what ITR did: increase the tolls. Now we just have to hope there are enough clauses in the contract to prevent negative impacts. The problem is that if ITR doesn't fail and actually recovers, we are out of any toll road revenue for the next 67 years. Best case scenario is that they do fail and the road reverts back to the State, and we keep the money.

  4. Another mindless suburbanite. The fact that ITR is nearly bankrupt after paying the State $3.8 billion does not prove Major Moves was a failure--quite the opposite. They paid Indiana at least twice what it was worth. Indiana took the money upfront and was losing money operating the toll road prior. Think before you type next time and enjoy your tract house.

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