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  2. With Media general's money and clout, there's a chance another network flip could happen in Indy in 2015.

  3. For the time being until January 1, 2015.

  4. John: Did you not see the part of the article where this guy already sold his business for millions? Not EVERY (or even 90%) of state reps are in the statehouse to protect their personal interests....

  5. As time goes by, WISH TV was the best news station serving all over Central Indiana since 1956 working with CBS and had a great 58 year bondage between CBS and WISH and now WISH is set to exit out of the television industry and WTTV will take over full time and carry CBS programming as WISH TV's successor full time as part the network's transition leaving WISH for WTTV full time. WTTV and CBS will work together for the next 60 years becoming partners. Much continued success to WISH TV on becoming known as WNDY full time as an independent TV station on their forthcoming second stint as an independent TV station. WISH TV will become as a TV station museum full time (Maybe) or shutting it's doors down forever and becoming WNDY owning the WISH TV station building full time. Thank you WISH TV for serving Indianapolis, IN and Central Indiana!