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  1. This suit seems frivolous and premature. Reading this and other articles, Walmart is already doing everything they should. This lawyer jumping the gun and suing for negligence when Walmart may not have committed it seems very risking and could jeopardize what Walmart was already doing and willing to do. It seems that one would wait to see what the findings are first.

  2. The second night of the classical finals of the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis in tonight (sept 18). 3 finalists will be playing Mozart concerti with the East Coast Chamber Orchestra at U of I at 8 pm. Go and hear musical collaboration at its highest level!

  3. Some people will complain about any penny that is spent on history and the arts and we woundn't have Conner Prairie, the Zoo, Union Station, etc. I agree with ggal, save this old house.

  4. What ends up in the lot infront of the JCHart Apartments will determine the success of that area. If it's another 100 apartment homes you might have enough people to support the businesses heading down to Gillford. If not just about all minus Kolache's and one or two of the fitness shops will close. Even Upland is deserted most evenings driving by it. The area needs more population density which the apartment complex doesn't provide.

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