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  1. When they asked their first question about whether or not Indiana Republicans supported Medicaid Expansion, a majority did. It was only after several misleading "push poll" questions that they changed their minds. Can we take anyone seriously that calls our state residents "Indianans"? Really? ;) Also, HHS has a ready-made option already on the books for states who want to make sure their citizens get tax credits. It's called a State Partnership Exchange. The state signs a few documents with HHS and chooses from a menu of which parts they want to run - the remainder is taken care of by And, if Gov. Pence won't do it, then he has to take the blame for raising taxes on Hoosiers by $400 Million +. Same for every other governor in the country. Furthermore, I would seriously like to see a list of conservative ideas for health reform that aren't already in the ACA law. (And that are realistic and would not crash the economy or the individual insurance market.)

  2. Interesting, the architect of the law was espousing the fact subsidies were only available for state exchanges as far back as 2012. I guess the intent is clear.

  3. How does the qualifying format on a Friday make for better racing on a Sunday? Nonsense. The drivers won't go near each other during qualifying. They want to maximize clean air and downforce. Same for the race. The Brickyard 400 is a dud, plain and simple. The larger NASCAR cars of the 70's put on great racing at Ontario speedway but the smaller, modern day super slick, hug-the-track cars just cannot put on a good show on a big flat track. It's a dud.

  4. One more addition to our city arts scene that adds to the cultural quality for our citizens.

  5. It is strange the health insurers value is going up when it was their "obscene profit taking" that was labeled to be at the root of the problem. Could it be the increase of federal money into the system is actually going to increase the cost of healthcare just like it increased the cost of college education in this country? On a side note, most of those subsidized ACA members weren't going to vote for Pence anyway. Also, look at this recent study by GAO indication false applications are being accepted The government is not efficient and cannot run a healthcare system.