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  1. "Voter fraud is a snap without photo ID"? Feel free to back that up with facts. After all, we've been voting without it for decades so voter fraud should be rampant.

  2. These democrats are shameful and disgusting. Everything is about politics for them. Thankfully the state legislature had the vision to get rid of the four at-large seats so the adults can regain the majority in the council.

  3. Why is this a priority NOW for the mayor? What about the past 7 years? Were the kids 7 years ago not important? Lets see how the state's PILOT program does and see if there really is an effect before committing more taxpayer dollars.

  4. Doesn't the state already offer CCDF to low income families for childcare? Isn't this a duplication of services? Preschool is not going to make a bit of difference if the parents are not following up on the education of the children. I mean we pay for pre-school but then what? All I see is preschool and then more cops. This not going to solve the problem, there is no follow through. Is it going to make better parents? Is this somehow going to magically get these kids out the ghetto? All this ends up being is another paid benefit for people who frankly should not have children in the first place because they can't afford them. We need to stop rewarding people for being irresponsible. There needs to be a solution for right now. I would rather this had been a program offering jobs around the city for children who need services and intervention right now. At least with a job program they are we are getting some sort of labor in return other then just offering more free baby sitting services. A teen job program gets these kids off the streets and gives them money I am sure their family badly needs. My mother use to say if you keep kids busy they will stay out of trouble. These kids have way too much time on the hands to get into crime. Put them work give them some pride in a job and maybe they'll develop pride for themselves and their communities.

  5. having an election year in a year we don't have an election year - I'd write more but I'm off to prep some candidates for 2048