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  1. We've been reporting on this story alongside the Gannett owned Muncie StarPress and BSU has been using the newspaper to whitewash this story from day one. Hiring a relative of the sitting governor at the time of the loss wreaks of a conflict of interest. BSU was told their name would be kept from the media or some low level employee kept the loss from university officials. Period. Gannett didn't even disclose in their article that Deb Daniels was Mitch Daniels sister - what a fraud. The Fourth Estate in Indiana needs to be kicked out of the state so the citizens can establish a citizen driven newspaper so we can learn the truth about government operations in Indiana. Check out for more accurate reporting on this story.

  2. There are a couple of people commenting on here who are completely ignorant regarding property rights and sound like spoiled brats who think our City laws and other people's ownership of property should be subject to their approval. What audacious and smug behavior. The courts will play this one out and my money is on the 5th amendment.

  3. I never indicated whether I was in favor or opposed to the specifics; rather I indicated some of the considerations that people have. I've lived in the adjacent neighborhoods for 20 years specifically for their density, but that doesn't mean I can't raise questions just as IHPC does about the design, massing, and appropriateness of something being proposed. And as far as Barton and Lugar towers, both have some breathing space around their perimeter. And I don't use my car, but bike or walk everywhere, so thanks again for projecting your own biases on to my situation. When I referred to 5-6 lights, I meant sitting in the same intersection having to wait for the light(s) to change multiple times in order to get through a block or two, something that is an increasingly regular occurrence on Mass Ave during peak hours.

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  5. POS's destroyed