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  1. I've been a listener for 30 years and coming from a small town always enjoyed the light- heartedness of the morning show. It was nice to listen to Pidge & Terri, and then Steve & Terri. Now it is nothing but slamming politics. Too bad WIBC has decided to take away the community feel of their station and go with nothing but political commentators who want to cram it down your throat if you disagree with them.

  2. Why are the "RUSTING" Iron Stairwells not a warranty issue. They have been rusting from Day 1. They certainly appeared to have been properly coated with a sealer/inhibited before being painted. So now the taxpayers get to pay for their replacement due to the fact the Airport Board was to incompetent to hire for a building engineering study which would have quickly identified manufacturers defects?

  3. Its my party and I'll cry if I want to.

  4. Nothing will be 'affordable' for Americans as long as we continue to allow our healthcare industries charge twice the cost of anywhere else in the developed world. The ACA provides some tiny steps toward reducing the systematic overcharging in the US healthcare system, but I'll be surprised if a 'consumer driven competitive marketplace' will close much of this gap. But at least it's a start - before our aging population and insanely overpriced healthcare system consumes the majority of our income (federal, state and private).

  5. Steve Simpson is the man! Tony Katz is very contentious. He's not a Hoosier, he has a low opinion of Brad Stevens, no one but him can say anything right on his show. The only thing that makes his morning show semi-tolerable is that girl with him, Page. She can stay, Katz needs to go, NOW!