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  2. We love Aldi and if you are not shopping at Aldi than you are paying a lot more for your produce, eggs, dairy, coffee, and other items. Aldi is owned by Trader Joe's(or under the same umbrella) and they carry a lot of organic and gluten free products. We bring our own grocery bags that reduce plastic use and we pay a the 25 cents to use the cart which you get back when you return the cart. That way - people don't steal carts or disregard them. It's a very European concept - so try it before you criticize it.

  3. Hi where will we watch football, big bang theory and other cbs shows that were on channel 8?

  4. Hi, where will we watch football, big Bang Theory and other shows on cbs channel 8 ?

  5. I am glad to see that WISH TV plans to expand news coverage!! I regularly watch that station for news and was certainly hoping that I would not lose that option.