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City recycling deal would boost incinerator's profitsRestricted Content

June 14, 2014
As IBJ was first to report on June 9, Mayor Greg Ballard is contemplating a new, 10-year contract with Covanta, which already is set to receive the city’s waste through 2018.More.

USDA approves new modified corn, soybean seeds

September 17, 2014
The farmers won't be able to take full advantage of the seeds until the EPA issues a second ruling allowing the use of weed killer Enlist. The EPA has said it will rule this fall on Indianapolis-based Dow AgroSciences' application to market the chemical.More.

Paper companies sue over Indianapolis recycling deal

September 11, 2014
A lawsuit filed by two paper companies and an Indianapolis resident seeks to invalidate a city agreement with Covanta to build a $45 million recycling center.More.

Indiana gives initial OK to off-site manure ponds

September 10, 2014
A state panel gave preliminary approval Wednesday to Indiana's first rules governing big stand-alone ponds and lagoons built to hold manure trucked in from livestock farms.More.

Banner year for central Indiana crops nothing to bank on

September 10, 2014
Hoosier farmers are expecting a record haul in corn and soybeans this year, but crop revenue might fall below production costs.More.
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