EPA: Indiana must cut carbon emissions 20 percent

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Coal-dependent Indiana will have to cut its carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2030 under new requirements outlined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Indiana has three years to come up with a plan to achieve the reductions, which were announced Monday by the EPA.

Gov. Mike Pence said the state "will oppose these regulations using every means available.”

“Once again, the Obama Administration is advancing its anti-coal agenda without regard for the impact on the U.S. economy or American workers," he said in a prepared statement.

Jodi Perras of the Indiana Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign said the goal is "doable." She said most Indiana power plants are aging and will need to be replaced soon anyway.

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce called the requirements "potentially devastating" to the state because they could boost electricity costs by as much as 80 percent.

“These EPA regulations also will barely even move the needle toward reducing carbon emissions (not even by 2 percent, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy), but they will deal a tangible blow to the national and state economies,”  Indiana Chamber CEO Kevin Brinegar said in a prepared statement.

Indiana gets 84 percent of its electricity from coal-fired power.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said the plan is "tailored to each state's circumstances."

The EPA said Indiana already has taken steps to reduce carbon emissions.


  • Who voted for this guy?
    From the article: Gov. Mike Pence said the state "will oppose these regulations using every means available.” Who voted for this guy? The people who like dirty, polluted air? I get that it's slightly more complicated than that, but really, a 20% reduction over 15 years?! Who thinks we shouldn't try to do that, let alone more? If we were to make a strong, good-faith effort and it doesn't pan out, we'd probably be given a waiver anyway. But for the leader of our state to immediately pledge to fight it "using every means available", that's just sad and embarrassing for Indiana.
  • Good.
    I drive by the Harding St. plant on a daily basis and it STINKS. I have lived around the country in several places and Indianapolis by far has the worst air quality of anywhere I have lived. I don't understand how there can be a negative impact on jobs because we will need to have either new technology (leading to research/innovation/tech jobs) to keep using existing plants or new clean power plants (leading to fabrication and installation jobs). Plus the state will have 15 years to implement... plenty of time. Coal is on the way out anyway as natural gas and clean options are getting cheaper.
  • Educate Yourselves
    Before spouting off DEBUNKED republican talking points and making yourself appear uneducated, research. Cutting emissions will shrink polluting industries, but expand industries with fewer carbon emissions. The result? "Normal" unemployment rates. No spike. Get off the couch, turn Fox off and educate yourselves.
  • 20% is very manageable...
    A majority of the emmission reductions can be achieved through enery conservation efforts...oh, wait we cancelled that back in April. Seriously though, further conservation efforts combined with the expansion of wind farms and a potential switch over to nuclear power to replace some of our aging plants would allow to easily move past the 20% mark. This will NOT kill jobs or severely impact consumers.
  • strange but true
    maybe we could reduce obama's emissions by 20% and leave coal alone?
  • Greater Pressure
    While this is a good first step, more pressure needs to be placed on China and India to reduce their carbon footprint. While we work to drop our carbon emissions, it won't be enough to off set what Asia is doing. We need to put more pressure on them.
  • Defeatist Republicans
    Apparently the right-wing Republican party has taken an entirely defeatist attitude towards the country. They want to give up before even starting.
  • Already achieved. . .
    IDEM data (from EPA) shows that Indiana utilities have already reduced their CO2 emissions by 20% since 2005. I didn't notice any painful impact to Hoosier lives or jobs. In the 70s, you couldn't see Pittsburgh from the hillsides, Manhattan from the Watchung Mountains or Denver from the foothills because of the air pollution. We cleaned up all of that and the US economy's GDP tripled. Don't listen to the Republican shills for the coal industry trying to tell you that we can't afford to have a cleaner environment in Indiana - because we've already demonstrated that we can have both economic growth and a cleaner environment. It is not an either/or choice.
  • Widespread Support for Reducing CO2 Emissions
    The proposal to reduced carbon emissions is widely popular in the US, even among many Republicans. See this article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2014/06/02/a-huge-majority-of-americans-support-regulating-carbon-from-power-plants-and-theyre-even-willing-to-pay-for-it/?tid=hpModule_f8335a3c-868c-11e2-9d71-f0feafdd1394&hpid=z9 . Also, Indiana can easily reach the 20 percent reduction by substituting natural gas for coal, which is already happening. The so-called "war on coal" is being most effectively waged today by power companies using natural gas which is cheaper and emits less CO2 than coal, which makes good economic sense.
  • Sigh
    Democrats are hell-bent on destroying this country and the middle class.
  • Get the Facts First
    Before deciding that this is the end of the world, try learning the facts first. In the next three years there will be no economic impact, only a plan. Then there will plenty of time to implement it allowing for lots of reasonable and economically viable power generating options. There will be lots of jobs generated and new industries formed. Public health and environmental health will be benefited and we will have less dependance on fossil fuels from hostile countries. What is the problem here?
    • Let's go Thorium
      I agree with the previous comment regarding Thorium reactors. As a state that habitually lags behind the rest of the country on almost every list you can think to make it would be brilliant to see our state embrace Thorium reactors as an energy source. If we're going to hit this goal then let's go all the way and escape the endless mining, drilling, and shipping of fossil fuels.
    • Time For Thorium
      My previous post got removed? People need to learn about Thorium, and they can at http://energyfromthorium.com and make their own decisions.
    • coal gasification
      I believe we have the only coal gasification plant in the world. Time to use it and make it the foundation of Indiana becoming the key energy producer in the country processing and using coal with no carbon footprint. We do this while China and India could care less how much carbon emissions they spew into the atmosphere.
    • we had our chance to build nuclear and bungled it
      As usual, Indiana is too late in the game. We have no Nuclear Energy and now have no time to catch up. The only possibility is for a breakthrough energy source that Indiana Universities discover. One which we can keep for Indiana. One possibility is our Agriculture and energy byproducts. Another might be wind power. The only alternative is coal gasification, in which case we make coal totally carbon neutral, essentially turning Obamas legislation into a political and economic fiasco. Does he really believe he can do this.
    • welcome back nuclear power
      The only alternative is nuclear power, natural gas, hydrogen, and ethanol. Electric cars require power plants. Does Obama really believe he can enforce legislation through the year 2030, there will be several Presidents between now and then. What a farce, does he really want to kill the economy and eliminate the middle class. Might as well close up shop on all industry in the U.S. and move it to India and China where there are no rules. We reap what we sow, in this case, shipping our carbon footprint offshore to India and China. The West coast, especially California, can have fun with that, with carbon emissions shipped offshore and drifting over California. Suitable that the EPA zealots will get the resultant drought, pollution, etc. Serves them right. Production offshore, contracting offshore. Now with India with a new leader, they want to be the new China. Where does it end, with no U.S. middle class and just the rich and the poor, just like Mexico and other countries. Eliminate the working class and focus the wealth on the top 10 percent, who buy all the stock globally and control most of the wealth and where products are made. Welcome to buying goods from the company store, i.e. always low prices, Wal Mart, the global manufacturing outsourcing distribution company, make it where it is cheapest. Big box stores control the manufacturing locations and place them in China and where prices of labor and materials are cheapest and where rules and regulations, OSHA, EPA do not exist and sweatshops and company owned worker living facilities and manufacturing are allowed and government and manufacturing, industry are one and the same. Control the global workforce and the lowest possible cost per manufacturing and profits can always be made for the wealthy stockholders who own large blocks of stock. The focus by companies is to optimize profits for stockholders and owners and to do so, the only way to optimize is cheap labor, cheap materials, and no regulations.
    • Indiana poorly positioned for the carbon emissions controls
      If this is enforced, welcome Indiana to becoming one of the last states in terms of economy in the country. We have no nuclear power plants, very little hydroelectric, do not have the sun as other states do for solar and solar electric, and limited capability in terms of wind power, have to have wind all the time for sufficient constant electrical. This is
    • @ Urban Dweller
      VA and GA have nuclear power plants with zero emissions.
    • Usual Suspects Cry The Sky Is Falling
      As usual, the Republicans and the Chamber are screaming that the "sky is falling." Well, actually, it is the pollutants that are falling and these folks seem oblivious to the long term consequences to people living around coal-fired plants. Indiana health is already at the bottom of the bucket; why keep it there?
    • Republicans are concerned??
      Are these the same Republicans who agreed to subsidize the Edwardsport coal gasification/power generation fiasco (it still barely generates any power) by raising our electric rates by 20%+? Now they are going to 'help us' by keeping ancient coal power plants running so that Indiana can continue to have some of the worst air quality in America? If you're going to spend my money to subsidize industry, how about subsidizing a clean industry? Every hear of natural gas (good move by IPL) or wind (where Indiana is among the leaders).
    • G
      I'd like to hear your understanding of how the working middle class will be hurt by this. Please explain.
    • Hoosier's always Last!
      If Georgia and Virginia can already beat the deadline why does Indiana always have to be the last to move forward. Indiana already has the distinction of having more slag ponds than any other state. If for no other reason that public health coal plants are bad. Indiana has three years to come up with a plan which means of curbing bad air and almost two decades to comply which means, at least in the Hoosier state, we should have started five years ago.
      • Really G?
        Since when has the Republican party ever been a friend of the middle class?
      • Good!
        This middle class voter is thrilled to hear that we will be improving our environmental footprint. Indiana's environmental rating is an embarassment.
      • Middle class will pay
        These government regulations will hurt no one else but the working middle class, who will bear the costs in the end. You can always count on the Democrat party to shoot the middle class in the foot economically. The war on workers must end.

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        1. I am so impressed that the smoking ban FAILED in Kokomo! I might just move to your Awesome city!

        2. way to much breweries being built in indianapolis. its going to be saturated market, if not already. when is enough, enough??

        3. This house is a reminder of Hamilton County history. Its position near the interstate is significant to remember what Hamilton County was before the SUPERBROKERs, Navients, commercial parks, sprawling vinyl villages, and acres of concrete retail showed up. What's truly Wasteful is not reusing a structure that could still be useful. History isn't confined to parks and books.

        4. To compare Connor Prairie or the Zoo to a random old house is a big ridiculous. If it were any where near the level of significance there wouldn't be a major funding gap. Put a big billboard on I-69 funded by the tourism board for people to come visit this old house, and I doubt there would be any takers, since other than age there is no significance whatsoever. Clearly the tax payers of Fishers don't have a significant interest in this project, so PLEASE DON'T USE OUR VALUABLE MONEY. Government money is finite and needs to be utilized for the most efficient and productive purposes. This is far from that.

        5. I only tried it 2x and didn't think much of it both times. With the new apts plus a couple other of new developments on Guilford, I am surprised it didn't get more business. Plus you have a couple of subdivisions across the street from it. I hope Upland can keep it going. Good beer and food plus a neat environment and outdoor seating.