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  1. The ironic part is how Pence doesn't have the good sense to be embarrassed by his contradictions on public display. Meanwhile, it would be interesting to see the offspring produced by some of these posters here marrying their pets. Can't be any more ignorant than some of the current Hoosier children raised with such "family values", right?

  2. Medicaid is not health insurance, it is a price fixing scheme run by the government.

  3. If you read the article carefully, you would see that bricks collapsed off the south facade last year--fortunately, no one was standing by the building at the time, or they would have been seriously injured or killed. Now, the engineers have found the same sort of water inflitration on the other side that caused the facade to partially collapse on the south side, and the facade needs to be reinforced. This is what is meant by emergency repairs. I know Indianapolis still suffers from the cornfield mentality and prides itself on letting its civic buildings collapse before spending a dime to fix them, but most other towns invest in regular maintenance so that expensive emergency repairs are unnecessary.

  4. I ask this as a rhetorical question to try to make a point. If the laws of each state have to be observed by every other state, what makes them any different from one another? I like to drive fast on occasion. Texas has speed limits as high as 85 MPH so can I go that fast in Indiana without fear of having a State Trooper stop me? No. Why not, my freedom of expression is being discriminated against? This should be protected under the same constitutional protection cited by those supporting LBGT supporters. What about drugs? Same issue, same argument. The reason we have states is so people who live in them can make their OWN laws and live by them. If you don't like them, move to somewhere that supports your position and don't expect to force your minority opinions on a majority who have voted the laws in place.

  5. Now that you have mentioned polygamy, that is all the cards they have to play, maybe the troll won't bother, it is all they have to make their silly little argument...I agree with local landlord...the party platform doesn't represent a bunch of people who used to vote solidly and faithfully Republican...and of course, Jesus wouldn't approve of the hate directed at homosexuals...even if he identified it as a "sin", which is questionable at best (biblical scholars are all over the place on that one), he would be standing with them.