F1 teams endorse Indy

June 24, 2009
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usgpThe Formula One civil war has been averted. Late yesterday, F1 officials and teams came to an accord to keep everything together. Teams, upset over a proposed spending cap, had threatened to leave F1 and form their own series.

But while tempers were still flaring yesterday, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway got a big vote of confidence.

The eight powerful teams threatening to boycott put out a tentative schedule for their new series that included Indianapolis.

“I think that shows their preference to be in the U.S. and at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway in particular,” a source close to an F1 team told IBJ. “Those teams’ sponsors too have a strong desire to be in the U.S. market.”

This is no small endorsement. The eight teams—Ferrari, McLaren, BMW Sauber, Renault, Toyota, Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Brawn GP—are the series’ backbone, and F1 czar Bernie Ecclestone and his lieutenants may now be more willing to listen to some of their demands and desires.

IMS President Joie Chitwood has said publicly the Speedway would be interested in hosting F1 again. The Speedway, along with other U.S. racing venues, have turned away from F1 due to steep sanctioning fees.

The Speedway hosted F1’s U.S. Grand Prix for eight years with the last race in 2007. Speedway officials said the race was profitable during its early years in Indianapolis, but eventually the financial set-up—which involved no TV or other broadcast revenue sharing—became unprofitable.

Now that F1 teams are firmly (and publicly) behind the idea of comingn to Indy, that might give the IMS leverage to broker a better deal. Ecclestone, however, has his eye on larger U.S. markets in New York and California.

“Being in North America is definitely a priority to Bernie,” said Zak Brown, whose Indianapolis marketing firm, Just Marketing International, represents several F1 sponsors. “I can confirm Bernie Ecclestone has talked to multiple U.S. venues. The thing you have to understand about Bernie, he wants to go big, and he wants to be in the biggest North American markets.”

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  • Of course they want to be in Indy, and I want them back absolutely said a source close to a guy who has been to every minute of USGP @ Indy since 2000. we can actually sell cars here in the US unlike other countries we run in said a source close to a guy who actually works in FOTA.

    Still, the final sticking point is the Tony George School of Marketing being ousted as anything to do with the event, said a source who actually had a brain. Under Tony's direction, US Open Wheel, and the F1 USGP have all been in a downward spiral. Tony is the kiss of death in racing, he absolutely must go concluded the source who spoke anonymously.

  • Spitooey-you are udderly (like a fat old cow) amazing.....quoting yourself as a source. Pretty funnay.
  • The teams do want to come back, that's a fact. And the fact that a Ferrari-led alliance put out a printed proposed schedule with Indy on it is pretty powerful. Lining up the financial end of it is an entirely different kettle of fish. Getting Bernie back in Indy will also be difficult. He thinks all they have here is a bunch of hillbillies and yahoos!
  • I wish Ecclestone all the luck in the world as he shops the F1 circuit to other U.S. markets. He can point to a long list of past U.S. venues, such as Long Beach, Detroit, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and now Indianapolis as former F1 markets that “benefited” from hosting an F1 race.

    Good luck with that, Bernie.
  • More proof Dahooey has lost it.

    Bernie just does not get it. As long as he is at the helm, F1 is going to be hurt. Charging the outrageous fees is not good for the sport. Instead of strangling the golden goose, work with the tracks to maximize profits for all teams. This will be interesting to watch unfold.
  • Unfortunately, the FOTA reached a last minute deal with Bernie's FIA that will keep the series intact for the foreseeable future. With Bernie still running the F1 show, chances for a F1USGP returning to Indy are slim and none. I'm so disappointed the breakaway series didn't happen as Indianapolis was definitely at the top of their list for a race in 2010.

    Now it's back to the non-thrill of watching 20,000 fans in Bahrain, Turkey, China and other far off F1 racing circuits as North America remains off the race menu.

    Maybe Bernie will have an epiphany and change his mind? Nah...
  • Does this mean that Ferrari is not joining the IRL? LMAO...
  • All of it is absurd.

    F1 is absurd.

    Split-off leagues are absurd.

    NASCAR is absurd.

    The IRL is absurd.

    You can't tell me I am absurd, as I know one of you hickabillies would.

    I am ingenious and a visionary. And I see major, professional racing literally vanished by 2020, NASCAR being the last to go. Most sooner.

    Enjoy your last decade of big league racing.
  • Brett,

    You've done so much laughing lately that you must not have any a left to laugh off. Hey, I guess it's TONY's Follies.
  • So, what will you do with yourself then, Count Trackboy? And whom will enjoy your pompous self then? Just more of your bloviating......
  • BerwickGirl,

    Such a big word for a small mind? I'm impressed. Or is it just MommyBerwickGirl doing your typing again?

    I have so many ventures outside of racing. You just don't understand do you? Variety and the women that come with it are my spice. Racing has become my professional avocation. Should it cease for me to that end, I would merely walk away triumphant and satisfied and ready for my next success, or I would participate in some form of hobby motor racing, karting, rallying, autocross, whatever struck my fancy.

    Example, as I type this to you I am on my boat, in the sun, tanning my handsome face and athletic physique.

    Troubled by that? Or tha fact I can readily admit it, being I see humility as a losers shelter.
  • Count,

    Perhaps you should bring up that point about humility with God. He doesn't see it that way. I feel sorry for you and hope that you can get this worked out in the future. Perhaps then, you can be more intune with encouraging the timid rather than finding creative ways to demean them. Hey, there's always hope.
  • hahaha...life is FULL of dreamers.

    And you can quote me on that! :lol:
  • hey tracula what kind of computer are you using on your boat
    i bet a netbook I heard those are sweet on google news
  • Berwick Girl,

    I have given much more than I spend on myself (excluding racing) to charity, including a good portion of my time. That would include children and medicine. And abused animals. My three priority causes. And that is of the heart. My social concious is at peace.

    But thanks for the tip.

  • You people -- why y'all in such a bad mood here?

    Sure F-1, come on back. I did not get the racing really, but the fans were a blast, and boy did they spend the money. What other US city got or gets such a weekend rush of Europeans and South Americans? There was no competition. They don't file into Cincy to see the Reds or Chicago to see the Bulls.
  • I have the solution to the Bernie-Tony standoff. I just need to figure out how I can make money off it.
  • Whatever it is, I will pay it. :)
  • Anyone else on here think that the Count is Mad Dog Marty Roth. Yeah, money can buy you just about anything, but respect, you're a long way off, pal.

    Oh, and I'm thinking maybe the go-kart hobby racing is just about right for ya.....
  • The count = Mad Dog marty? Now way...he's an overweight, uneducated, unemployed, booger eater. We've all seen his photo on the net. His boat has a flat bottom and is 16' long at most and he tans acres of flesh. He does provide meager entertainment value FWIW.
  • Count Tracula is Defender.
  • # Zanzabar Says:
    June 24th, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    He thinks all they have here is a bunch of hillbillies and yahoos!

    When asked what he was planning to do with his lottery winnings, a recent Hoosier Lottery $11,000,000 winner said, I think I'll put new tarrs on the wife's pickup. I'm still LOL
  • # Zanzabar Says: “He thinks all they have here is a bunch of hillbillies and yahoos!”

    indianner, where they haul your dead mother off on the back of a flatbed.
  • Bernie is right. It is a bunch of hillbillies and hicadoodles, and holler gnomes. The NASCAR race is anyhow.

    Indiana in general, well, let's just say Henry Lee Summer is the iconic face of the state.
  • I thought Kurt Vonnegut held that distinction.
  • Some of them ignernt hillbilly hoosyer gomer mamas is lible to Bit*ch slap yo mamma, ya bunch a crass, thinkn yer beter than evryone else hate luvers.....bunch a loosers......

  • hey tracula does your netbook have a usb? how do you get files on it? i have a flash drive 256mb that i plug into mine
  • It sure gets boring reading the back and forth playground taunts between a few of the posters on this board. Howsabout we stick to the topic and offer insights, suggestions and commentary instead of the mindless babble that seem to end every post thread. Grow up people.
  • Steve,

    Tony, Fred and Jan don't care about your insight, suggestions or commentary.

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  1. Why not take some time to do some research before traveling to that Indiana town or city, and find the ones that are no smoking either inside, or have a patio? People like yourself are just being selfish, and unnecessarily trying to take away all indoor venues that smokers can enjoy themselves at. Last time I checked, it is still a free country, and businesses do respond to market pressure and will ban smoking, if there's enough demand by customers for it(i.e. Linebacker Lounge in South Bend, and Rack and Helen's in New Haven, IN, outside of Fort Wayne). Indiana law already unnecessarily forced restaurants with a bar area to be no smoking, so why not support those restaurants that were forced to ban smoking against their will? Also, I'm always surprised at the number of bars that chose to ban smoking on their own, in non-ban parts of Indiana I'll sometimes travel into. Whiting, IN(just southeast of Chicago) has at least a few bars that went no smoking on their own accord, and despite no selfish government ban forcing those bars to make that move against their will! I'd much rather have a balance of both smoking and non-smoking bars, rather than a complete bar smoking ban that'll only force more bars to close their doors. And besides IMO, there are much worser things to worry about, than cigarette smoke inside a bar. If you feel a bar is too smoky, then simply walk out and take your business to a different bar!

  2. As other states are realizing the harm in jailing offenders of marijuana...Indiana steps backwards into the script of Reefer Madness. Well...you guys voted for your Gov...up to you to vote him out. Signed, Citizen of Florida...the next state to have medical marijuana.

  3. It's empowering for this niche community to know that they have an advocate on their side in case things go awry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lrst9VXVKfE

  4. Apparently the settlement over Angie's List "bundling" charges hasn't stopped the practice! My membership is up for renewal, and I'm on my third email trying to get a "basic" membership rather than the "bundled" version they're trying to charge me for. Frustrating!!

  5. Well....as a vendor to both of these builders I guess I have the right to comment. Davis closed his doors with integrity.He paid me every penny he owed me. Estridge,STILL owes me thousands and thousands of dollars. The last few years of my life have been spent working 2 jobs, paying off the suppliers I used to work on Estridge jobs and just struggling to survive. Shame on you Paul...and shame on you IBJ! Maybe you should have contacted the hundreds of vendors that Paul stiffed. I'm sure your "rises from the ashes" spin on reporting would have contained true stories of real people who have struggled to find work and pay of their debts (something that Paul didn't even attempt to do).