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  1. .. I'm always amazed at the negative comments on every story, but I shouldn't be. Sometimes I think it's astounding that Indianapolis ever accomplishes anything with so many negative Neds and Nellies who will gripe about anything. Roberts is a small local business that is actually growing in a time when not a lot of small shops like their can compete. They didn't move to the burbs, they're investing in an unused building in downtown. I see it only as a win. You have to spend money to make money - I don't call tax incentives to a small local business corporate welfare.

  2. Marshall & Zach, thanks for the responses. Makes total sense now! At first I was thinking that it would be nice to have these jobs downtown, but with the additional parking required, it might be best in a suburban area.

  3. You can file a tort claim, very common. INDOT is responsible, assuming it is actually a State maintained roadway (not always cut and dry). You can actually download the form I believe from the Attorney General's website. They have specific rules, i.e., if the pot hole was reported 24 hours or more prior to your damage, and they failed to repair it, they pay you. If they fail to follow proper distance/follow vehicle rules for painting lines, and you get paint on your car, they pay. Pretty simple process, maybe a 70/30 ratio to paid/denied claims.

  4. get unions out of education and we can actually start to make progress improving the system. as long as unions are involved, our education system will decline. unions may be one of the most corrupt organizations in todays work environment. they were benficial to workers 20 years ago, they are now corrupt and hurt economic growth, kill job growth, and the last thing they have in mind is helping the worker or in the educational system the actual student. the greed from union bosses is destroying jobs while the biggest fraud is that of union workers actually believing unions work for them.

  5. Okay, then you pay for it, do not make people that will not or cannot use them pay for you! If you think it is so great pay for it.