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  1. The graphic in this article says it all...

  2. So Daniel has been largely defeated by logic with respect to his polygamy argument, and by facts with respect to his uninformed Constitutional argument, so he goes to religion. You may be surprised Danny that I am a moderate conservative, heterosexual Christian. I am all those things as well as accepting of homeosexual relationships and the government's recognition of religion. I do, however agree with you that the government may not force your religion or you in your faith to recognize homosexual marriages. You will be required, however, to recognize the equality of those marriages and their burdens and benefits in your civil dealings with homosexual people. That is the price you pay for living in a society of laws and constituional protections. You, your personal interests and business interests may also suffer consequences from private/non-governmental parties for your views. That's the nature of capitalism and a free society if your views are outdated. So once again I say, good luck. Your views have lost on every front and will continue to lose. You remain entitled to them, but you must also accept the negative consequences.


  4. Again, if all of those places are up to your standards, good for you. Otherwise, go back to my comment on twee gift shops and "I'm Hip Too!!!" restaurants.

  5. And there enlies the problem. Our state does a horrible job of retaining the talent that they create (i.e. beaindrain). The $18,000 a year you cite is now the equivalent of $28,500 a year. None of jobs this company is creating will pay a wage above the poverty rate. We as taxpayers, are subsidizing corporate profits by allowing companies to pay less than a living wages and forcing workers to survive on government and charitable handouts. Hopefully low wage earning Republicans will wake up to this reality...