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  1. A federal judge (Ronald A. White) appointed by President George W. Bush in 2003 and who is from the state liberal bastion of Oklahoma ruled against the Affordable Care Act. That being said, sadly my gut tells me it will be a 5-4 decision against the government which strip subsidies from 8 million Americans.

  2. So Amtrack, who started this mess my threatening to cut off service, who did not bid in the open bidding process, is now trying to finagle their way back into the process? I thought the whole idea was to switch service over to a private contractor, and now the government owned rail is trying to get back in?

  3. The $3 admission tax is paid by the casino. Entering a casino is free to the individual. I really can't see how lowering taxes casino's pay will lead to more gambling/gamblers. Let them move on land if they want, and do away with other similar burdens. That could help.

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  5. So I guess this gives us grounds to sue the states under the equal protection clause for not granting us equal protection by implementing state exchanges? :D Or perhaps the ruling itself will be overturned under such grounds?