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  1. ...have Giordano's & Aurelio's come to Indy, convincing Gino's East or Lou Malnati's to join the Indy market would be the REAL cherry on top! #GinosAndLousAreChicagosBest

  2. So let's see; F1 came to town and regularly drew 80K for the race and it was deemed a complete failure and run out of town. MotoGP brings in nearly this amount and is one of the highest attended MotoGP races of the year, and the media still labels it a failure. Why don't we stop looking at all the empty seats and be thankful that in this economy we can still get nearly 100K people to attend a race in Indy. And while we're at it, let's stop asking everyone if they are in awe of the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway - the "greatest racecourse in the world". It flat out isn't. It's just an aging racetrack with a long history in desperate need of improvements.

  3. The No. 1 Reason people quit their jobs is because they feel unappreciated.

  4. Apologies for the wall of text. I promise I had this nicely formatted in paragraphs in Notepad before pasting here.

  5. I believe that is incorrect Sir, the people's tax-dollars are NOT paying for the companies investment. Without the tax-break the company would be paying an ADDITIONAL $11.1 million in taxes ON TOP of their $22.5 Million investment (Building + IT), for a total of $33.6M or a 50% tax rate. Also, the article does not specify what the total taxes were BEFORE the break. Usually such a corporate tax-break is a 'discount' not a 100% wavier of tax obligations. For sake of example lets say the original taxes added up to $30M over 10 years. $12.5M, New Building $10.0M, IT infrastructure $30.0M, Total Taxes (Example Number) == $52.5M ININ's Cost - $1.8M /10 years, Tax Break (Building) - $0.75M /10 years, Tax Break (IT Infrastructure) - $8.6M /2 years, Tax Breaks (against Hiring Commitment: 430 new jobs /2 years) == 11.5M Possible tax breaks. ININ TOTAL COST: $41M Even if you assume a 100% break, change the '30.0M' to '11.5M' and you can see the Company will be paying a minimum of $22.5, out-of-pocket for their capital-investment - NOT the tax-payers. Also note, much of this money is being spent locally in Indiana and it is creating 430 jobs in your city. I admit I'm a little unclear which tax-breaks are allocated to exactly which expenses. Clearly this is all oversimplified but I think we have both made our points! :) Sorry for the long post.