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  1. Risk adjustment is a permanent part of the changes to the ACA’s individual and small group markets (please see for more information). The risk corridors and transitional reinsurance fee sunset after 2016.

  2. Thinking Prof and Reddog I guess my question is how much did you contribute to any of the causes that you feel so strongly about and do you know any of the people willing to spend money to enjoy their sporting event ? You do not know me (thank goodness) but I am very proud to say that I own season tickets to various sports franchises in the Indianapolis area I will be attending the Purdue vs Notre Dame game with 18 friends (no I did not attend either University) AND I certainly pay for and donate to multiple events that NEED support. If you choose not to spend money on sporting events that is YOUR choice not to attend. Please mention to me what you have done lately to better the daily life of just one school teacher, fireman or law enforcement officer. I can !!

  3. Only 20% of the 78 acres will be open space?! I think it would be a shame to see this little open/green space, especially along the Monon. I think it is one of the perks to trail is having a lot of shade and greenery. On another note, aren't they pushing an oversaturation issue in this area given that another apt complex is going up across the street and there is already one to the south?

  4. Inspector General David Thomas works very hard at not recognizing any ethics violations or any criminal law breaking no matter how blatant or well documented the offense. The Indiana Inspector General position should be eliminated and the politicians should be brave enough to acknowledge what the public and media already know. It was a huge failure that actually worked against the public's trust.

  5. Sounds like a very interesting plan. I like the historic tie ins and open space plans. I think it reinforces the need to preserve the west side of the Monon for a park around Lake Ugh. Increased density in the area is going to require more recreational space not less.